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You are NOT Using ME for Bait! 

Video Courtesy: Bode Gaiato | Facebook
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Big Tuna, Shallow Water!

Who says you have to go offshore to catch the big ones? Watch this big tuna darting around the shallow waters….in a marina! #GuyHarvey – Video Courtesy: Guy Harvey | Facebook
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Bait Machine! 

BAIT MACHINE! – This is the greatest sabiki rig ever! Video Courtesy: Woods N Water Magazine | Facebook
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Docking Like a Boss!    

Like a BOSS! Video Courtesy: Bubba’s Fishing and Outdoors | Facebook
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Quick Release Knot!  

Do you like knots?  This is yet another useful one! Video Courtesy: ?eglarstwo | Facebook
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Poke Burrito! 

POKE BURRITO! Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself! Video Courtesy: Foodbeast | Facebook
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Frenzied Hammerhead Shark Attacks Fisherman’s Kayak! 

INCREDIBLE FOOTAGE: A frenzied hammerhead shark attacked and stalked a kayak fisherman in California for an astonishing 15 minutes Saturday. The fisherman was forced to beat the “super aggressive” shark with his paddle as it followed him into shore. Video Courtesy: NBC News | Facebook
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Humpback Whales of Tahiti!  

When we say… the humpback whales of Tahiti are friendly, we rally mean it. This encounter was in Rarutu, French Polynesia, this season. Video Courtesy: Parque Nacional Natural Gorgona | Facebook
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Saltwater Sportsman seminar Simrad display with David Wicker. It’s showtime.

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ROFFS™/SECOORA Fisheries and Climate Workshop Summary Report
Article Courtesy: | Originally Published: January 12, 2016

October 26-28, 2015, partners convened a workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida to advance our understanding of the impacts of climate variability on fisheries resources and management in the large marine ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. More than 55 experts from fishery management councils, federal and state fisheries and climate entities, academia and private industry attended the “Climate Variability and Fisheries Workshop: Setting Research Priorities for the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic, and Caribbean Regions.” The purpose of the workshop was to identify research and monitoring needs regarding climate variability and its potential impact on fisheries resources and management.

During the three-day workshop, attendees worked collaboratively to:

  • Share the state-of-the-science and examples of apparent climate change and its potential impacts on fisheries resources (including protected resources such as marine mammals, turtles, and corals) in each region.
  • Discuss how climate variability may impact fish distribution, catch, socioeconomics, and management.
  • Identify and prioritize research and monitoring needs related to climate variability and fisheries for each region.
  • Consider needs common to all regions, and discuss strategies for applied, collaborative research across geographies and disciplines.
  • Learn from others working on the links between fisheries and climate in other regions.
  • Identify opportunities for addressing priority needs.

Through a series of facilitated plenary and breakout discussions, participants considered regional and cross-regional impacts of environmental change on fisheries.  Attendees were placed into four cross-regional and cross-disciplinary breakout groups. Each workshop attendee was assigned to a breakout group to ensure each group included an even distribution of disciplines and regional representation. The participants identified their own region and discipline (either Fisheries Scientist; Fisheries Manager (includes policy); Oceanographer (biological or physical); Climate Scientist; Industry; Socio-economic; or other). These four breakout groups met three times to identify both research and monitoring/observing needs, and discussed the specific questions related to fish populations and fisheries.

Pictured above is Debra Hernandez, SECOORA Executive Director, facilitating a breakout session. Credit: SECOORA

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Gallery: 2016 Miami Boat Show is Getting Ready!!!

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