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finding fish since 1986

What is your time worth in trying to reproduce what we have done successfully for years? Why miss out on the best or any fishing action just in your attempt to save a few dollars or just to follow the crowd. Why make a left turn when you should have gone right? Stop guessing now. We believe that every fishing trip is important to have the information necessary to significantly increase your chances of having a productive fishing trip.

Time, fuel, and other costs are always important considerations when trying to locate and catch fish. Before you leave the dock ROFFS™ will show you where the fish concentrations are located by sending you the most comprehensive oceanographic analysis for fishing available today. You will travel directly to the concentrations of fish faster and because your search time will be reduced, you will be saving fuel and money.

The locally focused fishing forecast analyses are accomplished by ROFFS™ expert fisheries oceanographers who evaluate the local and regional oceanographic conditions using their knowledge and experience on fish migration, feeding behavior, and catchability (availability and vulnerability). The analyses are genuine science-based decision making tools that show you where your best chances occur for catching fish. Day after day, season after season, and year after year our clients tell us that ROFFS™ provides the roadmaps to the fish that are critical to their catch successes. Simply stated ROFFS™ will put you on the fish.

Welcome to ROFFS™

ROFFS™ is a scientific consulting company based in Miami and West Melbourne, Florida (U.S.A.) that is involved with fisheries oceanography, environmental science, and satellite remote sensing.