Recreational Fishing Analyses

What we do

ROFFS™ provides a variety of the highest resolution fishing oceanographic analyses that are customized for the local recreational and tournament angler. These analyses are specialized for such surface pelagic fish as tuna, marlin, wahoo, dolphin, sailfish, swordfish, spearfish, shark, and bluefish. They integrate numerous oceanographic factors using state-of-the science satellite technology, ocean buoys, gliders, and other in-situ data. ROFFS™ professional oceanographers analyze ocean currents, water temperature, color, clarity, chlorophyll, plankton, bait concentrations, foraging preferences of targeted fish, as well, as other scientific factors to help one have a successful fishing trip.

Tell ROFFS™ where you are fishing and we will pinpoint the action hot spots based on 30+ years of experience providing fishing oceanographic information. The fishing oceanographic analyses are composed of an oceanographic map analysis and a comprehensive text description that is easy to understand and use.

Overall Highlights

  • 837 tournament winners in 2023!
  • 615 tournament winners in 2022!
  • 11,619 winners over the past 37 years!

locates fishing hot spots

  • Tracks stability of favorable ocean features
  • Includes map & text description

Catch reports

Free offshore updates while fishing

  • Currents & Frontal Boundaries
  • Water temperature (SST)
  • Ocean Color/Chlorophyll
  • Cloud Free SST & Ocean Color/Chlorophyll Forecasts
  • Bottom Structure/Bathymetry
  • Georeferenced Coordinates
  • Available in GPS & LORAN