Pre Paid Seasonal Plans

Discounted Pre-Season Prices Available Through 4/1/2024!

Discounted Multi-Analyses Plans

Pre-Season or Regular Season Pre Paid Seasonal Plans are for the yearly fishing season. All Pre Paid Woo Credits for analyses must be ordered and used during the calendar year (01 Jan – 31 Dec), unless you have a “winter sailfish – wahoo plan” or another agreement has been made between ROFFS™ and the Subscriber/Client. It is understood that all credits/analyses for pre-paid plans will expire on January 1st the year after which it was purchased. If you have extenuating circumstances like health or serious boat maintenance issues or would like an audit of your account, please contact the ROFFS™ office directly and it will be treated by a case-by case basis.

ROFFS™ Terms & Conditions – Click here to view online.

South Florida Offshore / Kingfish Inshore

North Florida (Jacksonville Offshore) Pre-Season Sailfish & Wahoo Plans