ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 57th Edition: New Videos, ROFFS™ to Exhibit at 2015 Miami Boat Show & Problems with Certified Seafood


ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 57th Edition – New Videos, ROFFS™ to Exhibit at 2015 Miami Boat Show & Problems with Certified Seafood


Updated Videos on ROFFS™.com – Be Sure to Check Out the “Hot News” Button on the ROFFS™ Homepage

Above: Guy Harvey and scientists from the Guy Harvey Research Institute deployed satellite tags on nine mako sharks off Isla Mujeres in March 2014. Here’s a 1 minute look at the processes involved in catching, tagging & releasing a shark! Video courtesy: Guy Harvey | Facebook
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Above:  In the event that you didn’t notice, it seems everyone who has a GoPro camera also has a drone these days. I don’t, but I’m working on it. Drone footage is amazing, no doubt, but if you really stop and think about it, stuff you see in fishing videos is already starting to get pretty stock. We have the “fly down the river” shot, “the aerial perspective of someone casting” shot, and the “zoom out while releasing a fish” shot. But every once in a while, you find a video that goes well beyond the norm. I think this is it. The story line isn’t all that gripping; wealthy guys I’m jealous of charter a private jet to Costa Rica and catch a ton of marlin. The drone shots, however, are incredible. If you watch no other part of this, skip ahead to the 1:09 mark. Nailed it. Video courtesy:
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Above: Volcano Eruption Caught On Camera! Video courtesy: Tyrese Gibson | Facebook
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Above:  Here is the latest and greatest Seabreacher yet. Conceived by a very special customer who wanted his very own trophy fish, this all new Seabreacher design took one year to design and build. Special thanks to all our devoted crew at Innespace who bought this beautiful design to life; and airbrush artist, Dustin Gall for the stunning paint work. Video courtesy: Hunter & fishing | Facebook
Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now!

ROFFS™ to Exhibit at 2015 Miami International Boat Show

We just wanted to remind you that the Miami International Boat Show starts Thursday (Feb. 12) and continues through Monday (Feb. 16) at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  ROFFS™ staff will be at our booth, #1624 in the Electronics Room – please keep in mind that after 15+ years, this year our booth is in a different location.  Come see Mitch and meet our analysts, Greg Gawlikowski and Candice Hall. We have redesigned the exhibit with many more photos of winning fish and the ROFFS™ updated tournament winners list

ROFFS™ will be providing demonstrations of how we derive our fishing forecasting analyses and other products.  We want your feedback on our products. Staff will also be showing how we use all the infrared and ocean color – chlorophyll satellite images (U.S. and European) for deriving the fishing forecasting analyses. As usual we will be answering questions, listening to your comments, and just plain talking fishing and fisheries research.

Above: Miami International Boat Show and ROFFS™. Talking fish & talking oceanographic analyses to help you find more fish faster. Presenting great boat show discounts that can not be beat. Free gift certificates also. Come see us in the Electronics Room on the northwest corner room of the main convention center.

Please click here to find out where to come see us at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show and more on our pre-season discounts on our website now!

Problems with “Certified” Seafood
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Trawlers in an MSC-certified ‘sustainable’ lobster fishery producing have been caught in the act of using illegally modified nets to target valuable cod. The MSC has been notified but considers the evidence insufficient to act, so the lobsters still carry the MSC label.

Last week a lobster fishery in the Kattegat, the area of sea between northern Denmark and Sweden, is the proud recipient of a ‘sustainable fishing’ certificate through the Marine Stewardship Council(MSC).

But only four months ago Citizen Inspectors of The Black Fish (TBF) – an Amsterdam-based environmental group dedicated to preventing illegal overfishing in European seas – observed fishermen illegally targeting protected cod stocks in the exact same fishery – and has the photographic and video evidence to prove it.

Above: The ‘sustainable’ fishery targets a species known as neothrops or Norwegian lobster. Photo: Chris Grodotzki / The Black Fish.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to read more on the problems with certified seafood on our website now…

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