This Is How You Do Drone Footage On The Water

In the event that you didn’t notice, it seems everyone who has a GoPro camera also has a drone these days. I don’t, but I’m working on it. Drone footage is amazing, no doubt, but if you really stop and think about it, stuff you see in fishing videos is already starting to get pretty stock. We have the “fly down the river” shot, “the aerial perspective of someone casting” shot, and the “zoom out while releasing a fish” shot. But every once in a while, you find a video that goes well beyond the norm. I think this is it. The story line isn’t all that gripping; wealthy guys I’m jealous of charter a private jet to Costa Rica and catch a ton of marlin. The drone shots, however, are incredible. If you watch no other part of this, skip ahead to the 1:09 mark. Nailed it.

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