ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter 29th Edition: 2014 White Marlin Open, Bug Light Demolished Offshore of Miami & Is the Bahamas Made Up of Saharan Sand

ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 29th Edition – 2014 White Marlin Open, Bug Light Demolished Offshore of Miami & Is the Bahamas Made Up of Saharan Sand

2014 Ocean City White Marlin Open – Get Your Orders in Early!

Dear 2014 Ocean City White Marlin Tournament Anglers:

You do not have to use ROFFS to win at the White Marlin Open, but it certainly helps. In the last ten years (2003-2013), we had many clients who won a total of 121 major categories at this Ocean City tournament. These totals do not include the daily winners. In 2013 there were many winners including 1st Place White Marlin, 1st Place Dolphin, 2nd Place Dolphin, 3rd Place Dolphin, 2nd Place Tuna, 2nd Place Wahoo, 3rd Place Top Angler, 3rd Place Top Boat Overall & 3rd Place Top Release Boat. In the 2008 tournament, the Maryland State Blue Marlin Record and first place winner was set by one of our clients. Not only did our clients win big at Ocean City in 2013, but overall in 2013 they won 474 different categories in 114 major tournaments. Over the last 23 years the total numbers of reported winners tallies at 6591 which includes five World Records, one United States Record and 24 State Records. This includes the 2014 Texas State blue marlin record (972.7 lbs.).

We are ready to help you find and catch the next winning fish and next record fish. Our clients still tell us that they fish our ROFFS Hot Spot selections and catch fish 85% of the time! They value our expertise and call us regularly to discuss our fishing oceanographic analyses.

Please click HERE to read more on the 2014 Ocean City White Marlin Open and to place your orders for your ROFFS™ analyses today…

Updated Catch Reports Section of ROFFS™ Website

Sgt. John Marques fishing on “P/E Ratio” (See Photo Above.)

Be sure to visit the section titled “Catch Reports” located under the “Insights” tab on our ROFFS™ website that will feature current catch reports from areas such as the Northeastern U.S., North Carolina/Hatteras, South Carolina/Georgia, Florida, the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and the Gulf of Mexico.   We continue to post weekly updates in this category so please check back often.

Please click HERE to view last week’s catch reports…

Congratulations to our clients Captain Devin Potts and owner Ronald Davis on the “Sea Mixer” out of Orange Beach, AL who recently wrapped up the title for the 2014 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Series (See Photo Above.)

ROFFS™ Recent Tournament Results

Congratulations to our recent tournament winners!

Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational (NJ): Grand Champion, 1st Place White Marlin Champion, 1st Place White Marlin Champion, 1st Place White Marlin Points & 2nd Place White Marlin Champion Pat Healey, Captain Brian Komer &  Ryan Higgins (Viking 62); 1st Place Heaviest Dolphin Dr. Michael Slomovitz (Jassste); 3rd Place White Marlin Points David Goddard (Business); 3rd Place Tuna Champion & 3rd Place Tuna Points Frank Coulson (Hard Four).

Oak Bluffs Bluewater Classic (MA): 2nd Place Overall Ted Rosbeck (Bad Martha).

Stone Harbor Yacht Club White Marlin Invitational (NJ): 1st Place Overall Mike Penza & Captain Chris Dudzek (Oil Slick); 2nd Place Overall Don Gentillini (Super Crew).

Edisto Marina Billfish Tournament (SC): 1st Place Overall Curtis Whitaker & Rob Stalcup (Trick Em); 2nd Place Overall Norman Pulliam, Foster McKissick & Mark Rogers (Rascal); 3rd Place Overall & 2nd Place Dolphin Bobby Krivohlavek & Jeremy Burnham (Daymaker); 1st Place Dolphin Fred Bergen & Fred Bergen Jr. (Legal Holiday).

Ducks Unlimited Billfish Tournament (NC): 1st Place Wahoo & 2nd Place Dolphin Harris Huddle (Builder’s Choice); 2nd Place Points Hunter Blount (Coverage); 2nd Place Wahoo Randy Hoft & Jon Henry (Cat Baby); 3rd Place Dolphin Paul Sutton (Sea Mint).

Lonestar Shootout (TX): 2nd Place Overall Captain Nate Forbes (Got M On); 3rd Place Overall Captain Brian Phillips (Mojo); 1st Place Tuna Rand Clark & Tommy Gouser (Locomia); 1st Place Wahoo Craig Novelli & Harold Kahla (Relentless); 1st Place Dolphin Lee Bull & Jasen Gest (Rehab); 2nd Place Tuna Captain James Helm & John Williams (Natasha Rookh); 2nd Place Dolphin George Gartner, Captain Kevin Deerman & Mike Fitzpatrick (Legacy); 3rd Place Tuna Ray Peterson & Jimmy Burns (Mine Time); 3rd Place Wahoo Michael Thorn-Leeson & Captain Sean Welsh (Nereus).

Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Limited Tournament (AL): 1st Place Top Junior Angler Jack Hollingsworth & Chandlar Hollingsworth (Fishious).

Yellowfin Billfish Classic (FL): 1st Place Billfish Division Anthony Bibelhauser (Team Not Now); 1st Place Dolphin, 2nd Place Billfish Division & 2nd Place Tuna Scott Rickert & Mark Wodlinger (Reel Screamer); 1st Place Wahoo, 2nd Place Dolphin & 3rd Place Billfish Division Captain Matt Taylor (Ripper); 1st Place Swordfish Brain Turner (Haulin’ Grass); 2nd Place Wahoo Ken Cummins (Hooker).

Please click HERE to view the newly updated 2014 winners list on our website…

Popular Artificial Reef and Live Bait Spot Bug Light Located Offshore of Miami, FL Demolished

South Florida anglers got a shock this past weekend when they went to catch live bait at perhaps the most popular artificial reef in the region: Bug Light, a decommissioned navigational marker in Biscayne Bay off Cape Florida that has served as a haven for bait fish and roosting sea birds for decades, was gone.

“A sad, sad day,” Miami charterboat captain Terry Claus texted. “It affects the weekend fisherman as well as the charter boats that relied on the bait that congregated there. That was the best artificial reef we had out here and they just ripped it out and towed it off.”

The “they” Claus referred to was a contractor hired by the U.S. Coast Guard to demolish Bug Light due to “degradation to its structure,” according to Petty Officer Mark Barney, a Coast Guard spokesman. He said the tower will not be replaced.

The Bahamas’ African Roots

Sun-loving tourists never question much about the Bahamas beyond what the weather will be like during their visits. But scientists have had plenty of questions about this island nation in the Caribbean. Chief among them is why the islands even exist. The conditions that allowed other Caribbean islands to form aren’t present in the region of the Bahamas. But some geoscientists now think they’ve discovered what makes the Bahamas possible: Africa’s Sahara Desert.

In a new study, these scientists present data that suggest the islands built up as a result of dust carried across the Atlantic Ocean from the Sahara. This immense desert covers most of the northern expanse of Africa.

Please click HERE to read more about the Bahamas and their link to Africa’s Sahara Desert on our website…

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