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Dear 2014 Ocean City White Marlin Tournament Anglers:


You do not have to use ROFFS to win at the White Marlin Open, but it certainly helps. In the last ten years (2003-2013), we had many clients who won a total of 121 major categories at this Ocean City tournament. These totals do not include the daily winners. In 2013 there were many winners including 1st Place White Marlin, 1st Place Dolphin, 2nd Place Dolphin, 3rd Place Dolphin, 2nd Place Tuna, 2nd Place Wahoo, 3rd Place Top Angler, 3rd Place Top Boat Overall & 3rd Place Top Release Boat. In the 2008 tournament, the Maryland State Blue Marlin Record and first place winner was set by one of our clients. Not only did our clients win big at Ocean City in 2013, but overall in 2013 they won 474 different categories in 114 major tournaments. Over the last 23 years the total numbers of reported winners tallies at 6591 which includes five World Records, one United States Record and 24 State Records. This includes the 2014 Texas State blue marlin record (972.7 lbs.).


We are ready to help you find and catch the next winning fish and next record fish. Our clients still tell us that they fish our ROFFS Hot Spot selections and catch fish 85% of the time! They value our expertise and call us regularly to discuss our fishing oceanographic analyses. They certainly do not want to guess using internet or radio delivered satellite images or other less meaningful products.Every fishing trip is important enough to have the most comprehensive information that will allow you to make informed decisions about your fishing location before your leave the dock and while you are fishing. Why use dock rumors? pretty internet images of sea surface temperature? inaccurate ocean models or low resolution and out of date altimetry? Or simple blind guessing? Providing comprehensive fishing forecasting analyses is an intensive process that requires expertise in a variety of scientific disciplines including fisheries biology, physical oceanography, satellite remote sensing, image analysis, and computer science to name a few. ROFFS has developed advanced fisheries oceanographic techniques, particularly when dealing with water motion and clouds.

ROFFS™ was selected again to the internationally renowned NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team.  We are also on the European Space Agency Science Team for ocean color fisheries related research and actively participate as part of the NASA Ocean Color Science Team and the NASA Sea Surface Temperature Science Team. Our research and products are showcased at numerous international and national science conferences and workshops.  We use as many publically and privately available data sets as possible in real-time and know that these assist us in finding the areas where bait fish and the larger predator fish occur. No one else but ROFFS™ will provide you with this information integrated with high resolution bottom topography in a usable format. ROFFS™ integrates more data sources than most people realize, from U.S. satellites (NOAA 15, 16, 18, 19, GOES;  NASA Terra and Aqua; and Suomi NPP) and European satellites (Metop_A and Metop_B) for sea surface temperature and color (chlorophyll, turbidity, etc.), NASA Aquarius for salinity, as well as, public and private ocean buoys, airplanes, and the limited constellation of satellite altimeters  and ocean models (not very useful). We also have a very extensive fish reporting network.

Most importantly we are experienced fisheries oceanographers for interpreting the data as it relates to finding productive fishing areas that are shown with our “Hot Spot Dots” with numerical classification.

ROFFS™ wants you to benefit from our work, knowledge and experience in using satellites and other oceanographic data for helping people find concentrations of feeding fish faster.


We are time tested and field proven experts in understanding how ocean conditions affect the daily distribution and catchability of fish. This allows us to provide reliable fishing analyses based on real data more often than anyone else who has tried to imitate us with inferior products. We do not limit our analyses to simple sea surface temperature contour maps, pretty color images, out of date altimetry or inaccurate ocean models generated by the Navy, NOAA, academia or elsewhere. Our ROFFS™ Fisheries Oceanographic Forecasting Analysis is designed for fishing. We provide a full fishing forecasting analysis that has been interpreted by fisheries oceanographers with many years experience. Often a simple sea surface temperature map or pretty color image will only provide a combination of cloud cover and computer artifacts. It certainly will not allow you to understand the changes in the condition and motion of the ocean currents which are critical to fishing success.

To facilitate receiving the analyses we would like for you to schedule your analyses as early as possible to avoid any complications. Most people are getting our analyses every day of the tournament week starting on Saturday (and even the week before) to follow the conditions and then make decisions on when and where to fish. For the tournament our clients will primarily be receiving our “Wilmington Canyon to Norfolk Canyon” area which includes the tournament area from the southern half of the Spencer Canyon to the area south of the Norfolk Canyon including the area east to the 1500 fathom curve. However, many people are also receiving the Hudson Canyon to Baltimore Canyon area analyses to have a wider view of the Gulf Stream water from the eddy over the Hudson Canyon and Toms Canyon areas that is a primary source of the blue water and marlin north of Spencer Canyon.  After the initial excellent fishing action from the Wilmington Canyon to the Washington Canyon area earlier this season, the ocean conditions have changed and the marlin have dispersed over many different areas. We know that you want to be in the areas where the best chances for fishing action to occur based on ocean conditions that change daily.

For clients ordering two areas per day we will be providing a special larger area analysis on Sunday at no extra charge. If conditions warrant we will continue providing the large area (at no extra charge) in addition to the other analyses. If you want to know about special seasonal discount plans, please call. There are plenty of fishing days left in 2014 to make these worth while.

You know how hectic daily life becomes at the tournament.  So please use this opportunity to help us help you. It is best to order all the analyses for the entire week of the tournament now and if you decide not to receive an analysis for any given day for reasons unknown to us, then you can call our office to reset your schedule. We want to provide the best service possible. Perhaps you can contact us today (phone, email, fax) with your plans and then when you get to Ocean City or elsewhere you can inform us again to let us know your slip assignment if you are getting fax copies. We hope you order in advance. If you will not have your own computer or fax, we can make arrangements to send your analyses to a location where it is easy to gather. We strongly suggest that you bring your computing device and printer so that you can receive analyses late at night if we need to send late night or early morning analyses.

Please call us today or email your request. We hope you order in advance. You know during the tournament that you will be busy and we want to make sure that we will provide you with the best possible service. Remember now is the time to improve your chance for winning. Remember to call us from offshore to update your analysis between 10:30 A.M and noon.  Your location and catches are kept private. You have the satellite phones, now use them to your advantage. Many winners do.

Safe and Successful Fishing,


We are always happy to take your request over the telephone (800 677-7633 or 321 723-5759) anytime. If you send your requests via email (fish7@roffs.com), please send them at least 12 hours in advance. We will verify the receipt, if not please call. WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO TAKE YOUR REQUEST VIA THE TELEPHONE.

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