Big Blues and Big Money in Bermuda Triple Crown

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Who will take home the coveted title of the champion team this summer?

There are essentially two kinds of marlin fishermen in the world: those who have fished Bermuda’s storied blue waters in the past and who look forward to returning, and those who have not yet had the opportunity. No matter which category you find yourself in, consider this your invitation to head to this welcoming island nation in July for some incredibly exciting fishing in the Bermuda Triple Crown.

How good does it get? Last year, the Bermuda Triple Crown champions on Builder’s Choice released 16 blue marlin and five white marlin in just nine days of competition. A total of 42 teams fished at least one leg of the 2023 Bermuda Triple Crown series, which featured a record total payout of $1.5 million. The participating fleet caught 337 billfish in the series, including 266 blue marlin and 71 white marlin. All but eight of the blues and all of the white marlin were released, as tournament rules dictate a 500-pound minimum for boated blue marlin.

The Bermuda Triple Crown attracts the best of the best—the top professional crews on the water today, all seeking to determine who among them will emerge as the champion team. It’s a career accolade for any pro, whether captain, owner, angler or crewman. Bermuda is also home to one of the top charter fleets in the world. These teams are well-versed not only in local knowledge but also in finding and catching big blue marlin—local teams have won several Triple Crown events plus some serious cash in previous years, so visiting anglers are always welcome to fish. Chartering can also be a great option for those who prefer not to relocate their vessel to Bermuda for the series. New for 2024 is a non-sonar optional jackpot category for any boats not equipped with omnidirectional sonar to encourage participation by all, including the local charter boats hosting local and visiting anglers.

There’s no doubt that big fish abound in these waters. The largest blue marlin of the 2023 Bermuda Triple Crown weighed 714 pounds and was landed by the team on Blue Bill, captained by Mike King. Angler and boat owner Rob High boated his big blue on the first day of the Bermuda Billfish Blast. From this fish alone, Blue Bill collected a total of $392,400 in cash awards, making it the largest combined payout for a single fish in Bermuda Triple Crown history. New for the 2023 series was a perpetual trophy for the largest blue marlin of the series called the Golden Gaff, which will feature Blue Bill as the first team name inscribed on its base.

Above: ROFFS™ clients on “Blue Bill” with the largest blue marlin caught during last year’s Bermuda Billfish Blast – part of the Bermuda Triple Crown.

According to Grander Watch, there have been 19 Atlantic blues weighing more than 1,000 pounds put on the scale in Bermuda in modern times. The winner of the worldwide Blue Marlin World Cup has come from those storied waters eight times since 1985; only Kona has had more winners, at nine, and usually with a much larger fleet fishing there. If you’re looking for the blue marlin of a lifetime, Bermuda is a superb choice.

As we preview the 2024 season of tournaments, the series kicks off with the Bermuda Billfish Blast. This is a unique opportunity for teams to also fish in the aforementioned World Cup on July 4 while also competing concurrently in the Billfish Blast—the right blue ­marlin could be worth a substantial sum of cash in both events. Then it’s time for the largest event of the Triple Crown series, the Bermuda Big Game Classic. The series wraps up with the always popular Sea Horse Anglers Club Billfish Tournament. Each event has its competition, plus additional cash prizes and trophies for the overall winner of the Bermuda Triple Crown series.

Speaking of prize money, several winner-take-all big-fish and release options will give those who are interested the opportunity to win significantly more money than in past years. This summer’s Triple Crown should easily surpass the $2 million mark. These jackpots are also optional, so teams can enter as many or as few levels as they feel comfortable participating in.

Between events, the island has plenty to offer. There are nine world-class golf courses, and the diving and snorkeling are phenomenal. The living reefs surrounding the islands and the quantity of shipwrecks make underwater exploration prospects almost limitless. You also can go subterranean and take an underground crystal cave tour and explore the historic and well-preserved Fort St. Catherine, where Bermuda’s original settlers came ashore in the early 1600s after hitting one of the reefs with their ship, Sea Venture. Take a sunset sailboat tour, or go rock climbing and cliff jumping directly into the lagoon-like waters of Clarence Cove at Admiralty House Park near Spanish Point. In addition to the numerous lay-day activities, there are also the locals—Bermudians are well known for their hospitality and friendliness. They are good-natured people with whom you will develop lasting relationships and whom you will look forward to seeing again, year after year.

And these are more than just events on a calendar; they’re gatherings of passionate anglers who share the love for the sport and the adrenaline rush of hooking the blue marlin of their dreams amid an epic adventure in one of sport fishing’s most beautiful destinations. Owned and operated by Marlin, the Bermuda Triple Crown features a highly professional management team. Each day after fishing, participants can enjoy daily open bars in Barr’s Park featuring Gosling’s rum and Tito’s vodka, and during the Bermuda Big Game Classic, there will also be a special barbecue-tasting event by chef Chad Ward from Traeger Grills and Meater smart meat thermometers. New this year is a chance for anglers to attend Traeger Barbecue University at the Cloud restaurant next to PW Marina, to learn how to grill the best meats and seafood from the experts.

Learn more about the Bermuda Triple Crown and other Marlin Tournaments.

The tournament staff is ready to assist teams with additional information on marinas, lodging, local restaurants, nightlife and any other logistics they need to make the trip to Bermuda as easy as possible—just reach out at Bermuda Triple Crown for additional information.

This isn’t just another tournament; this is your invitation to be part of something extraordinary. Let the adventure begin at the 2024 Bermuda Triple Crown.

Above: The fleet departs from Hamilton on the first day of the 2023 Bermuda Triple Crown. Bermuda Triple Crown / Out Your Front Door

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