GUARANTEED to Catch Wahoo! DIY…How to Rig High Speed Wahoo Lures

The fall season in the Bahamas and South Florida is the time when many anglers break out their high speed lures to target one of the fastest fish in the ocean! Wahoo can easily eclipse speeds of more than 60mph, so while trolling a lure at 16 to 18 knots, may seem too fast for many, it’s really a light jogging pace for wahoo and it’s an effective way to eliminate bites from non-targeted species when anglers are looking to focus exclusively on wahoo. In this video, we cover the terminal gear used to assemble the most proven high speed wahoo lure over decades of wahoo fishing and we also take you through the steps involved to give you all the information you need to build your own wahoo rigs and go catch them yourself. Enjoy the free education! If you like what you see, do us a favor and give us a subscribe. We bring fresh new content to the channel every week! For your convenience, we’ve also provided a detailed list below of the terminal gear used to build the wahoo rigs.

Terminal Tackle Used to Build High Speed Wahoo Rigs: – 480lb test braided wire – 480lb double barrel crimps (do not use aluminum crimps) – (2) 12 3/4 inch squid skirts – (1) 3oz egg sinker – Islander Hawaiian eye style lure – 1/2 inch heat shrink tube – plastic beads for spacers – chafing tube (optional) – 11/0 stainless steel hook

Video Courtesy: Fish Bluewater – YouTube

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