ROFFS™ Happy New Year and 2022 Review

Hello ROFFS™ valued friends, clients and supporters, another year has passed and we want to take time to reflect on another exciting and successful year and look to 2023. Most importantly, we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our amazing clients, partners, staff and friends. THANK YOU for all your support and business in 2022, we could not have had a successful year without you.  We are also extremely blessed to announce that in 2022 we met our goals and accomplished even more than in 2021.  This is also a testament to our ROFFS™ professional employees, dedicated clients and supporters.

ROFFS™ West Melbourne, FL Office


  1. We are very excited to share that ROFFS™ clients swept 1st place performances in 4 of the biggest billfish tournaments in the world for the first time in ROFFS™ history at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, the Ocean City, MD White Marlin Open, The MidAtlantic Tournament and the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament in Cabo San Lucas. See our 2022 full tournament winner’s list ( where our clients won a combined millions of dollars in tournament prize money while experiencing wonderful memories. CONGRATUATIONS!
  2. Continued partnership with Fathom Science and integrating their state-of-the-science cloud-free SST and Ocean Color/Chlorophyll data into our daily analyses for an improved fishing forecasting product along with an enhanced collaboration for future projects.
  3. Continued partnership with mazu/Skymate and their sport fishing app and NOAA Gulf of Mexico charter for-hire program ( making our hot spot locations georeferenced, and our analyses more accessible on their platform and on iPads for anglers.
  4. We were again present at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and returned to and sponsored The MidAtlantic Tournament with very exciting results for Cape May, NJ this year.
  5. Added two areas for extended coverage, Kona Hawaii and Cape Lookout Eastern Side.
  6. Broadcast live on Capt. Debbie Hanson’s ESPN Reel Talk Radio show for SW Florida.
  7. Dodged and powered through Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.
  8. Participated in NASA MODIS Terra and Aqua continued support workshop.
  9. Attended and sponsored Florida Ocean Alliance (FOA) Fundraiser in Port Everglades, FL.
  10. New project and collaboration in Indonesia with Unggul Cipta Teknologi., PT improving their electronic monitoring system product with productive fishing areas.
  11. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico marketing and fishing trip.
  12. Upgraded main office in West Melbourne with an outside paint job and landscaping.

We again want to take time and mention our supporters and collaborators who have contributed to ROFFS™ success in 2022 and hopefully continue to do so in 2023.  These include our new MODIS/VIIRS near real time data source providers at SSEC  University of Wisconsin for satellite imagery support and our advertisers South Jersey Yacht Sales, South Jersey Tournaments, Capt. Ricky Wheeler and Saltwater Euphoria, and Capt. Chip Berry at Maps Unique.  We continue to remain involved in the oil and gas offshore rig monitoring and are so thank you to our partners DTN and for another good year as we continue to improve our products and support offshore operations.  We want to give a special shout out to South Jersey Tournaments for a treasured relationship. Special thanks to continued friendships and supporters Lenny Strobel of Reel Time USA, and The Billfish Foundation. We also thank our new friends and partners, the Bonefish Tarpon Trust (BTT), Tim Wilson of BDC Group LLC, and Justin Ladenthin of Jumbolicious Technologies.

We continue to be involved in the research and science community and keep updated with fisheries oceanography, the new blue economy and satellite remote sensing technology to give our clients the biggest advantage.  We are active and supportive with NASA, NOAA, European Space Agency and specifically within the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) community, and remain members with the regional associations SECOORA, and MARACOOS.  We hope that our white marlin tagging project will be funded for 2023-2026.  We also remain on the board and a supportive participant with the Florida Ocean Alliance (FOA).


We will be raising prices in 2023 for our detailed fishing forecasting analyses and subscription plans.  This will be the first price increase in 3-years from ROFFS™ and is simply due to cost-of-doing-business increases/inflation and to continue to improve our products and technology. Reminder: Each analysis conducted by our expert oceanographers takes approximately 2 (or more) hours to complete putting you in the better locations to catch fish using many different parameters.  Please view details on our website for more information. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Furthermore, our 2023 travel will include being back at the Miami International Boat Show (Feb. 15-19) at the Convention Center on Miami Beach, FL and also at the Atlantic City, NJ Boat Show (Mar. 1-5), attending the MidAtlantic Tournament the 3rd full week in August in Cape May, NJ and also perhaps attending Ocean City, MD White Marlin Open. PLEASE stay tuned at our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook platforms @roffsfishing and News Reel Newsletter (subscribe at for updates and announcements in 2023.

As we say goodbye to 2022, we already have great expectations and potential for 2023 with new and continued partnerships and events in the works, updated website and database features, chart improvements, University of Virgin Islands remote sensing project, Costa Rica area addition, hiring a new analyst, adding new satellite data (JPSS-2) to our ocean monitoring, seminars in the Northeast Gulf of Mexico region, presenting and sponsoring the Catch and Release Sailfish Challenge Tournament ( and being on George Poveromo’s 2023 Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series shows ( Thank you George for your continued support.  We will continue providing you with the most comprehensive accurate real time ocean conditions analysis in the world to improve your fishing/operational efficiency.   Like always we pride ourselves in customer service, please contact us if you have any questions or comments and keep sending us photos and feedback of your catch and accomplishments in 2023.

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to a healthy and successful 2023. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Matt Upton

Matthew A. Upton

President ROFFS™

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