Holiday Gift Certificates, New Videos, REMINDER ROFFS™ closed December 18th & More – ROFFS™ Fishy Times – 256th Edition – December 12th, 2018

ROFFS™ will be CLOSED Tuesday December 18, 2018 for our annual office meeting. ROFFS™ will be CLOSED for the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday 12/25/2018-1/1/2019.  ROFFS™ will re-open for the New Year on Wednesday January 2, 2019. PLEASE NOTE that we are currently open until 5:00 PM EDT Monday through Friday and CLOSED on Saturday until May 2019.  Please order by 2:00PM EST 10/1/2018-3/31/2019, order by 3:00 PM 4/1/2019-9/30/2019.  We may also remain open later some days based on demand and workload. NEW Videos Christmas Dog! Why buy a tree when you have a dog? Video Courtesy: VT | Facebook Please click HERE to watch video on our website now! Santa Fail! One too many for Santa. Please click HERE to watch video on our website now! Goat on a Boat! Why was the even a goat on a boat? Video Courtesy: Wildcomedy | Facebook Please click HERE to watch video on our website now! Fire in the hole! Sunshine Skyway Bridge demo, in Tampa, FL – 1993. Video Courtesy: Hammer Down Boating | Facebook Please click HERE to watch video on our website now! Reminder: ROFFS™ Florida Offshore Winter Sailfish/Wahoo (Jacksonville or Tampa Inlet and south to Key West) Sailfish and wahoo seasons are heating up and fall/winter tournaments are getting in full swing.  The ROFFS™ offshore winter sailfish/wahoo discount analysis plan is available for the price of $778.00 for 16 analyses.  Buy 16 analyses at $48.61 per analysis. Above: ROFFS™ Client A. Don Jolley (Jolley Roger), great wahoo bite last week in the Berry Islands! Tanner Jolley, Captain James Lombardo, Mate Tom Theodore, and Mate Jimmy McKnulty. Please click HERE to purchase on our website now! Please call the office (321.723.5759) or email the office ( with any questions/concerns.  Thank you! Please click HERE to place your order online today… Backlash? Feedback?

As always, please send comments & feedback on Fishy Times newsletter content directly to us at If you do not want to wait for our next Fishy Times newsletter, please visit us in the meantime to get all your fishing news using the social media/web links below.  Safe and successful fishing until next time!]]>

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