Congrats Frank Mueller-Karger Ph.D. from ROFFS™, NEW Videos & MORE – ROFFS™ Fishy Times – 254th Edition – November 28th, 2018


NEW Videos Homemade Hot Tub! This guy builds his own hot tub spa without using modern technology! Video Courtesy: Daily Mail Australia | Facebook Please click HERE to watch video on our website now! Icy Karting! Someone give me this go kart! What do you do this winter when it gets TOO COLD to fish??? THIS… Video Courtesy: No Turbo – No Party | Facebook Please click HERE to watch video on our website now! Timberrrrrrrr! How To Cut Down A Big Tree. Video Courtesy: Yellow Teeth | Facebook Please click HERE to watch video on our website now! Congratulations Frank E. Müller-Karger, Ph.D. – Eight USF Faculty Members Named New AAAS Fellows

Eight University of South Florida professors whose research has set a global standard in a range of disciplines from environmental sciences to health and aging studies, and from chemistry to criminology, have been named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society.

The USF honorees include a faculty member whose work in pioneering a new treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder is helping save the lives of veterans; a criminologist whose research into why kids kill has helped guide criminal justice systems nationwide; a freshwater ecologist whose research has led to vital conservation efforts and sustainable policies across Florida and around the world; and a professor who led landmark research into the impact of caregiving for the families of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions.

They are joined in recognition by a marine biologist who has spearheaded a global network of satellite and other observation systems to chart biodiversity and changes in ocean environments from a local to global scale; an anthropologist whose work in understanding the relationship between people and their environment is helping renew neighborhoods near USF and improve environmental management around the world; a chemistry professor whose work is helping advance drug discovery, especially for treatments for cancer and infectious disease; and a neurobiologist whose research of the brains of birds is unlocking the secrets of the evolution of the brain in mammals.

Election as a Fellow is an honor bestowed upon AAAS members by their peers. This year, 416 members from institutions around the world have been awarded the honor in recognition of their scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science or its applications. Please click HERE to read more on our website now! LAST CHANCE FOR PRE-SEASON PRICES: ROFFS™ Florida Offshore Winter Sailfish/Wahoo (Jacksonville or Tampa Inlet and south to Key West) Sailfish and wahoo seasons are heating up and fall/winter tournaments are getting in full swing.  The ROFFS™ offshore winter sailfish/wahoo discount analysis plan is available for the pre-season price of $693.00 for 16 analyses if you purchase before December 1, 2018.  Buy 16 analyses at $43.31 per analysis. Pay $693.00. (Before December 1, 2018). Above: Congratulations to ROFFS Client Captain Samy Arriaga and Team on Blue Tales! 1st Place Overall & 1st Place Professional Division in the Dust’Em Off Sailfish Warmup (FL). Please click HERE to purchase on our website now! PLEASE NOTE that we are currently open until 5:00 PM EDT Monday through Friday and CLOSED on Saturday until May 2019.  Please order by 2:00PM EST 10/1/2018-3/31/2019, order by 3:00 PM 4/1/2019-9/30/2019.  We may also remain open later some days based on demand and workload. Please call the office (321.723.5759) or email the office ( with any questions/concerns.  Thank you! Please click HERE to place your order online today… Backlash? Feedback?

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