ROFFS™ Office Reminders, Hurricane Harvey Project, New Photos & MORE – ROFFS™ Fishy Times – 248th Edition – October 10th, 2018


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ROFFS™ Hurricane Harvey Rapid Response Project – Weekly Summaries Posted to Website

Our work is complete on our Hurricane Harvey Rapid Response Project and this will be our final posting for this project.  This project succeeded in tracking, mapping and spatially analyzing the freshwater plume runoff in the northwest Gulf of Mexico resulting from Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas coast on August 25, 2017 using a combination of ocean color and infrared satellite imagery. Twenty-four weeks of satellite data were derived from NASA, NOAA and the European Space Agency (ESA) using a variety of polar orbiting platforms. It was determined that the freshwater plume signal, derived primarily from sea surface derived chlorophyll measurements, had a surface area expansion peak and mean of 2.14 and 1.57 times the pre-storm mean within the northwest Gulf of Mexico.

Weekly summaries and results are provided on the ROFFS™ website ( and have been publicized widely through social media, press releases, and ROFFS™ newsletter. The results are being sent directly to a variety of agencies and fisheries managers via email. In addition, the distribution included fishers, as well as, the general public including educators and government representatives. The data is available via ROFFS™ website or upon request (, 321-723-5759). If you would like more collaboration of data, more details or if you want assistance in tracking Hurricane Florence water please contact ROFFS™ at 321.723.5759 or Please click HERE to read more on our website now!

The Long Game! Want to know what it’s like to catch a 600lb., 103″ Bluefin Tuna? Watch the mini-documentary, “The Long Game,” from our friends at Badfish. Video Courtesy: Shop Deep | Youtube Please click HERE to watch video our website now! Updated Photos ROFFS™ client Martin Rash, angler Cammie Rash and Captain Carey Griffin out of Destin, FL. Great fishing trip, thanks ROFFS!! ROFFS™ client Carl Frandino (Reelkeepher) pulled in this pair of “keepers” out at the Wilmington canyon last week. Please click HERE to view recent 2018 photos on our website now! Please click HERE to view our recently updated 2018 Winners List on our website now! Backlash? Feedback?

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