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NEW Videos


Captain Ray explaining how easy and effective using a dehooker is while Bait fishing! Video Courtesy: R&R Tackle, Inc.
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Pod of Dolphins!

Swimming with a pod of Dolphins in Hawaii. Video Courtesy: Travel Inspiration | Facebook
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Marine Life Experts Address Red Tide Concerns
Originally Published: October 1, 2018 | Article Courtesy:

Members at the Florida Oceanography Society want the marine life they’re safekeeping to feel at home. And, that means saltwater from the ocean.

“We have sharks and sea turtles and tarpon and large game fish. We take in seawater from underneath the beach at about 600 gallons a minute of sand filtered seawater,” said executive director Mark Perry.

With the possibility of red tide seeping into our coastal water, that could make it hazardous.

“For the animals it’s just devastating. We have to be concerned because our touch tanks and our water filtration systems come from the ocean,” said Perry.

The facility boasts three levels of water filtration combined with regular testing. Plus they’re on the lookout for signs and symptoms of red tide in the marine life.

“There’s a big concern. I was just curious how they filter the water, they have a bunch of animals they’re trying to keep healthy and a bunch of people trying to put their hands in the water,” said one visitor from Jensen Beach.

Already experts are on high alert, for instance empty containers will house sea turtles if the red tide becomes too concentrated. And they’ll be forced to make their own saltwater.

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Updated Photos

Congratulations to ROFFS™ Client Ricky Thurston and team Big Daddy’s, 1st Place Overall & 1st Place Wahoo in the Grand Lagoon Grand Slam (FL).

Virginia Beach, VA – Backlash released 16 White Marlin.

ROFFS™ Client Duane Cyr (Hooks N Homers) earlier this month fishing in the Bahamas.

ROFFS™ client, Dustin Creed and friends had a great fishing day off Panama City last week. “Another great day using ROFFS™, pulled off a grand slam and released a marlin”!

ROFFS™ client Carl Frandino (Reelkeepher) pulled in this pair of “keepers” out at the Wilmington canyon last week.
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