Hurricane Michael Before/After, Florida Red Tide Update & MORE – ROFFS™ Fishy Times – 249th Edition – October 24th, 2018


ROFFS™ Florida Red Tide ** UPDATE **

Below is Saturday’s NASA ocean color MODIS/VIIRS imagery provided by ROFFS™ and University of Delaware. There appears to be a big pool of red tide off Melbourne with additional pools off Cape Canaveral, Cocoa and Melbourne south to Fort Pierce with some additional to Port St Lucie. We are uncertain about the apparent pool off Cape Canaveral, but have heard that red tide has been found off Ponce Inlet, so there is a good chance that the pool off Cape Canaveral is red tide. Also, there has been a substantial amount of dead fish washing onto Cocoa Beach that may have originated from this pool since the main mass is off Melbourne Beach.   However, without microscopic examination or the discovery of acrid aerosol one can not determine that this is red tide. Another reason for more ocean observing and sampling, as well as, modernizing the coastal ocean buoys to include biological sampling. We had originally observed this high chlorophyll water from Port St. Lucie on October 8th and northward to Vero Beach and even further northward to Brevard County. Thousands of fish have died and continue to wash up on the beach.  Many people continue to call this a natural event, which it is, but forget to say its super fueled by man-made nutrients allowed to enter the waterways by weak water quality regulations that go mostly unenforced, with very limited inadequate monitoring with little personal and corporate responsibility. If you would like more collaboration of data, more details or if you want assistance in tracking the red tide water please contact ROFFS™ at 321.723.5759 or Please click HERE to read more on our website now! PLEASE NOTE that we are currently open until 5:00 PM EDT Monday through Friday and CLOSED on Saturday until May 2019.  Please order by 2:00PM EST 10/1/2018-3/31/2019, order by 3:00 PM 4/1/2019-9/30/2019.  We may also remain open later some days based on demand and workload. Please call the office (321.723.5759) or email the office ( with any questions/concerns.  Thank you! Please click HERE to place you order online today…

ROFFS™ Monitoring Ocean Conditions before and after Hurricane Michael

First and foremost our thoughts and prayers continue for all those affected in the Florida Panhandle and throughout the U.S. by Hurricane Michael’s path of destruction. ROFFS™ has analyzed the ocean conditions directly before and after Hurricane Michael’s impact along the Florida Panhandle looking mainly at the eastern Gulf of Mexico using Ocean Color/Chlorophyll (CHL) data.   Of note, we used the exact same color palettes for direct comparisons. Hurricane Michael officially made landfall on the afternoon of Oct. 10th.

Looking at the three provided images, one can see a substantial difference in the ocean color/chlorophyll images. The post hurricane images (October 11, 2018 – one day after landfall and October 20, 2018 – ten days after landfall) show the signal of the greener to brown-green more turbid waters near the coast dramatically increased towards the areas of the Florida Panhandle northwestward towards the Florida/Alabama border and also eastward towards the “Big Bend” area of Florida. Please contact ROFFS™ for further information or for tracking the polluted freshwater outflow plumes. Please click HERE to read more on our website now!

Hunting Dogs – Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving comin’ up, time to find us a turkey! Video Courtesy: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund | Facebook Please click HERE to watch video our website now! Updated Photos ROFFS™ client Carl Frandino (Reelkeepher) pulled in this pair of “keepers” out at the Wilmington canyon last week. Please click HERE to view recent 2018 photos on our website now! Please click HERE to view our recently updated 2018 Winners List on our website now! Backlash? Feedback?

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