ROFFS™ & the Canyon Club Announce NEW Summer 2018 Events



There has always been a kinship between Canyon Club Resort Marina and Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service (ROFFS™) as it has been our mutual goal to help sportfishermen locate the right spots at the right time to have the best chance of catching your favorite quarry.  This summer, our two companies will work cooperatively to find new and emerging fisheries for you to take advantage of in the Mid-Atlantic region. To that end, Canyon Club Resort Marina is pleased to announce, with the special assistance of ROFFS™, the addition of three (3) new offshore events for the 2018 summer season and you are invited to participate.  These events will be small and friendly by design and are being offered to research and evaluate new emerging offshore sport fisheries in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Canyon Club Blue Marlin Invitational
July 6-8, 2018

Over the years, more and more blue marlin have been encountered and caught incidental to directed white marlin and tuna fishing, and frequently the earliest marlin catches of the season are blues that arrive in numbers with tuna weeks before the arrival of the main body of white marlin. We believe that breaking out the big tackle, the big baits and exploring the most likely water may well yield results that are superior to even the more popular blue marlin areas like Cape Hatteras and the Bahamas.  In order to give you the best opportunity possible of encountering these gamefish, ROFFS™ will provide the most up to date oceanographic fishing forecasts.

This tournament will be strictly a blue marlin release event with no cash prizes or awards for other species, though friendly side bets will surely materialize at the poolside Captain’s Meeting. The tuna and mahi that are sure to be caught will be guests of honor on the grill at our tourney-end get together. $1,000 hospitality fee.


Wilmington Valley Safari
September 1-2, 2018 (tentative)

Approximately twice the distance on a course through the Wilmington Canyon lies a much, much larger canyon-like structure known as the Wilmington Valley. It is approximately 150 miles offshore and is frequently blessed with the presence of the Gulf Stream. Though only rarely visited, Dick Weber on his South Jersey Champion has ventured there several times over the years, always productively. He reports blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo and mahi encounters, generally inshore of the heavy current of the Gulf Stream itself. The Valley depth falls to two thousand fathoms at its deepest and it extends more than 20 miles NE to SW making it impossible for a single boat to explore and evaluate – not to mention that you’re frequently hooked-up before you get there making further offshore exploration less inviting. It’s lonely out there, and this trip is not for amateurs. But there’s safety in numbers and excursions of this distance have become common in the Gulf of Mexico in order to reach the most productive grounds, yet here the more distant grounds remain essentially unexplored. ROFFS™ will give this special attention as they help us with an extended offshore Gulf Stream analysis and updates. The tentative dates may possibly be rescheduled to assure Gulf Stream interaction with the Valley. The big Viking Demo has already volunteered to be a group leader for this adventure and an idle-off from the Wilmington flotilla will be established for those who wish to travel more slowly over night and conserve fuel.


Swordfish Month at Canyon Club
October 15 – November 15, 2018

Daytime swordfishing has become increasingly popular in many sportfishing venues. From early days of deep dropping in Venezuela to complete an afternoon Grand Slam, to a now well-established and productive daytime sport swordfishery in Florida, daytime swordfishing has taken hold – but not so much here in the Mid-Atlantic – one of the most productive commercial swordfishing areas in the world. Last fall, a couple boats here at Canyon Club ventured forth to give daytime deep dropping for swordfish a go. The more experienced boat was successful on the majority of trips with a high day of seven (7) swordfish taken, and many more bites. A less experienced boat caught five (5) on their first trip to the grounds. These fish were caught in the mid fall, a time long known for swordfish abundance. Hence, our offer for Swordfish Month October 15 – November 15, 2018.

Depending on our transient turnout, experienced daytime swordfishermen have volunteered to host a kickoff “How To” seminar, and Tackle Direct has agreed to offer and display a variety of special day-swordfishing gear to accompany the seminar. ROFFS™ will support this cause as well and provide reduced-priced analysis and data necessary to help keep you in the ideal target areas throughout the month.

We hope you will plan to join us for one or all of these exciting and new pioneering events. Transient dockage is free for all paying ROFFS™ Clients ordering analyses for the events, but only for as long as space remains available. We don’t want to disappoint later, so make your reservations as soon as possible. Call Paul, Mike or Steve in the Canyon Club Ship Store at (609) 884-0199 if you have further questions or wish to make reservations or visit our website  Please contact ROFFS™ at (321) 723-5759 or via email at to place your analyses orders or order directly from their website at to receive the VIP treatment during these exciting new adventures.

We look forward to hearing from you and discovering what may exist beyond our current horizons.

Tight Lines,
Canyon Club Marina // Roffer’s Offshore Fishing Forecasting Service (ROFFS™)

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