Letter to the Editor: Devastation to Our Waters – Understanding the Real Problem

Dear Editor:

A few of my friends from the Northeast coast and abroad were planning to visit Florida to enjoy the fishing, everglades, beach and rivers, food and the lifestyle. Sadly, when I told them not to visit (because of our current devastation to our waters) they were perplexed, and not aware of what is truly going on. A few even thought that I was trying to be selfish and trying to protect my fishing spots. Believe me, I enjoy sharing and there is nothing better than to see friends catch big fish and enjoying the environment and clean waters.

I am angry. I mean extremely ANGRY! Ironically, with this anger I have to congratulate the local media, reporters, the politicians and the officials for trying to cover things up. Then again, I suppose the truth must be told… for those who aren’t aware, there are an incredible amount of self serving politicians (seriously corrupted) that has abused their power for too long and too far. They allowed greed to betray over their oath and vows of duties and promises to do their best for the state’s economy, and to preserve and protect the ecosystem and environment. More importantly, they forgot they were elected by the people, and for people. Sadly, they have been compromised by big business endorsements (legal bribery as I like to call it) and to allow practices that to pollutes and destroys what this great state represents (tourism, great ecosystem, pristine everglades, fishing capital of the world and it’s once clean oceans and beaches).

Fortunately, we are in the era of the freedom of speech, and with the powers of the new social media platforms… The corrupted press and the crooked officials cannot stop individuals like me (and other caring folks) to express great concerns and disclosing their bad. So, as I said in the beginning of this post…. You are my friends, and for those wishing to visit this great Sunshine State.

My answer is simply… DON’T DO IT. What I want you to do is to understand the REAL PROBLEM we are facing today, and share it with your friends about our problem. By doing this, it defeats their purpose of withholding information and hopefully this will get the national press that it deserves….and ultimately get them out of the office, and so we can start fixing the problem.

Check out BullSugar.org, The SWFL Clean Water Movement, Captains for Clean Water, Take Back our Water and ROFFS.com.



Alberto (Crazy Alberto) Knie, President
Tactical Anglers
Naples and Vero Beach, FL

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