Get Your Boats Ready New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts!

Early tuna, mahi and wahoo and swordfish are expected in the canyon areas south of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts as a Gulf Stream eddy is now over the Hydrographer Canyon as observed in last week’s satellite imagery. Surface water temperatures are already 61°F in this eddy and new Gulf Stream water this week is expected to bring warmer water and new fish to this eddy. We anticipate that this eddy will drift westward over the next several weeks and continue to warm and gain fish with each Gulf Stream interaction. Stay tuned to ROFFS™ for your latest information. Bahamas seasonal forecast coming soon and then the northeast canyon seasonal forecast shortly after as time provides. We are already very busy providing daily, high resolution, comprehensive fishing forecasting analyses for clients who are fishing south of Virginia. Note the much larger eddy off Georges Bank at the top right hand corner of the image. Word to the wise, get your boats ready now!

[responsive]North Area March02,2016[/responsive]

[responsive]North Area March02,2016Crop[/responsive]

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