Game Wardens Make Big Catch on Illegal Fishing

Article Courtesy: | By: Priscilla Torres | Originally Published: January 30, 2016 | Please click here for original article.


Above: Game Wardens issue 11 citations to 2 men for keeping fish over their limit. Image Courtesy:

Texas Game Wardens make a big catch after two young men bragged on Facebook about how many fish they caught and illegally kept.

This picture was posted on a local fishing group Facebook page by one of the men. As you can imagine, other anglers quickly noticed how many fish there were in the picture and reported the two men to Game Wardens.

The very next day, Game Wardens made contact with those two men and handed them 11 citations in total, one for fishing without a license and the rest for each fish over the limit.

Each ticket carries a fine up to $500, plus the two men will have to pay civil restitution on each fish.

Please click here to watch FULL video report.

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