ROFFS™ Gulf of Mexico SST Comparison: 2015 vs. 2016

Figures produced by ROFFS™ (below) show direct comparison of the Gulf of Mexico oceanographic conditions derived from high-resolution infrared HRPT Sea Surface Temperature (SST) satellite data from January 3rd-8th 2015 (normal year) vs. January 3rd-8th 2016 (El Nino year). Of note is how SST values are on average 1.0°C to 1.5°C (2.0°F – 3.0°F) warmer in most offshore locations in 2016, especially within the Loop Current, within the Caribbean Sea and within the west to southwest Gulf of Mexico.  Also of interest is the location of the Loop Current in 2015 that extends relatively far to the north and west, while in 2016 the Loop Current extends farther east to southeast and not as far north. In fact, right now for west Florida, the eastern extension of the direct Loop Current water is creating favorable fishing conditions relatively close to the coast for this time of year compared to previous years.



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