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Kite Fishing for Wahoo! 

Wahoo going ballistic on the kite baits. Video Courtesy: Inside Sportfishing | Facebook
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Crocodile Bay Marlin Jump! 

Blair Wickstrom, FS Publisher, wasn’t lucky enough to be attached to the hooked marlin, but had a front row seat in which to watch the battle take flight, and the incredible footage that followed. FS joined PENN Fishing in Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica to test the all-new PENN Clash reels and Carnage II rods. A successful mission, it was. Video Courtesy: Florida Sportsman magazine | Facebook
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Raining Bait!     

Video Courtesy: How To Fishing | Facebook
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How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks 

A fisherman’s worst nightmare. Video Courtesy: AFTCO – American Fishing Tackle Co  | Facebook
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Manatee Love! 

The loving dugong…Or is it the algae eating dugong? Video Courtesy: OCEAN DEFENDER – Hawaii | Facebook
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“Fresh” Aquaculture Fish

Video Courtesy: | Facebook
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SpaceX Launch and Landing!  

Incredible: SpaceX successfully launched and landed its #Falcon9 rocket 10 minutes after liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Video Courtesy: Florida Today | Facebook
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Above: Another nice Tony Ludovico shot. Image Courtesy:

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Batteries Among Lost Ship Cargo Pose Public Risk, Coast Guard Says
Article Courtesy: | By: Andy Reid | Originally published: December 8, 2015

Beachgoers and boaters could be at risk of chemical burns from batteries that were among cargo lost at sea between Cape Canaveral and Palm Beach over the weekend, the U.S. Coast Guard warned Tuesday.

Wet-cell batteries — commonly used to power cars — were in at least one of up to 25 cargo containers that may have fallen overboard from the 340-foot Columbia Elizabeth, according to the Coast Guard.

The barge was headed from Port Canaveral, Fla. to Puerto Rico until it was diverted to the Port of Palm Beach on Sunday after the crew of its tug boat, the Capt Latham, saw several cargo containers hanging over the side, according to the Coast Guard.

On Tuesday, crews at the port were still unloading the hundreds of containers that remained onboard, taking inventory to try to determine what was lost when containers started sliding into the water.

At least nine containers are confirmed so far to have fallen overboard, according to the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard’s aerial search continued Tuesday between Palm Beach and Cape Canaveral to try to find the missing containers, while investigators also tried to learn what went wrong with the vessel.

TOTE Maritime, of Jacksonville, which chartered the Columbia Elizabeth on Tuesday, directed questions about the missing containers to the Coast Guard.

The exact types of batteries that went missing and any other cargo that was lost as well as why it went overboard remains under investigation, according to company spokesman Michael Hanson.

TOTE was in the news during the fall when its cargo ship El Faro went missing Oct. 1 during Hurricane Joaquin with 33 people aboard.

Wet-cell batteries can contain mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel, which can contaminate the environment when not disposed of properly, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Above: Remaining containers on the barge Columbia Elizabeth remain tilted while it was docked at the Port of Palm Beach on Monday. At least 25 cargo containers slipped off a barge Sunday and splashed into the ocean between Port Canaveral, Fla. and West Palm Beach. Image Courtesy: Carline Jean, Sun Sentinel.

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