ROFFS™ Fishy Times – 101st Edition – December 18, 2015 – Updated Videos/Interesting & Exciting Photos & ROFFS™ End of Season Message


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Impaled!  Fisherman walks away after leg impaled by marlin. Video Courtesy: KHON2 News | YouTube Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Mullet Run!  Epic drone footage showing the amazing Florida mullet run! Video Courtesy: BlacktipH | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Crab Pot GoPro!     If you have ever wondered what goes on in a crab pot… sent my GoPro down today. Video Courtesy: Kyle Hansen | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Coming in for a Landing!   Amy Butler here again. For those that may not want to gaze at the F-35B for minutes and minutes, this is a simple, quick vertical perspective of an F-35B landing on the USS Wasp. Video Courtesy: AVIATION WEEK | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now!

UPDATED: INTERESTING & EXCITING PHOTOS How’s this for marine debris? My friend Matt came across this raft today offshore of Boynton Beach. USCG Has been notified and they’re taking care of it. I just hope they get it fast. There’s a whole Nissan motor in there and as you can see, plenty of plastic. Image Courtesy: Katelyn Marie | Facebook Please click here for more interesting & exciting photos on our website now!!! NEWS

ROFFS™ End of the Season Letter

December 09, 2015

As we count down the days remaining in 2015 we reflect upon all the good fishing action that occurred this year. Due to rare favorable conditions many people are still catching bigeye tuna and bluefin tuna in the northeast USA from Georges Bank to the Hudson Canyon to the Delaware Bay. We also know that good mahi and wahoo fishing action is continuing in the southern parts of the country. From the many positive reports you sent, it appears that once again we achieved our goal of helping you find fish faster and providing critical information for decision making.

Our clients (you) won awards in 378 categories in 93 major tournaments. We never list Calcutta winners or daily winners, although there are many. These 378 (and still counting) winners increases the 25 year (1991-2015) tally to 7372 winners! ROFFS™ clients also won top awards in multiple tournament and seasonal club venues such as the South Carolina Governor’s Cup, North Carolina Governor’s Cup, Ocean City, MD Marlin Club Seasonal Awards, Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club Season Standings (NJ), Cape May Marlin & Tuna Club Season Standings (NJ), Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Annual Awards (AL) and Mississippi Gulf Coast Big Game Fishing Club Seasonal Awards.

We know there are more winners out there so please review the ROFFS™ Winners list on our website and send additions and other corrections. Some seasonal tournaments continue until the end of the month so please check the winners list in January as we are sure it will get longer. We received many calls and emails of great fishing days independent of state records and tournaments. Thank you for those notes, photos, and videos. Please send more so we can post them on our website and share these with the world!

We were able to fulfill 97% of all requests for analyses this year which is an amazing achievement by our team of expert satellite fisheries oceanographers considering how challenging clouds, fog, smoke, and other atmospheric effects are when trying to study the ocean. This was accomplished due to the experience and skill of our analysts who manipulate (re-calibrate, re-navigate, and study), as well as, interpret and integrate the satellite with other oceanographic data. ROFFS™ is now using all the functioning NOAA and European infrared satellite data (NOAA_15, 16, 18, 19, Metop-A, Metop-B), along with the NASA Terra and Aqua satellites and the Suomi Joint US Polar Satellite System (JPSS) with their infrared and visible ocean color (chlorophyll + dissolved colored organic matter) sensors. We are working with many other scientists and mariners on receiving additional data products to improve our analyses. In 2016, we expect to lose some satellites, but add some too. We will provide more details.

With the abundance of satellite data, as well as, other hydrographic and meteorological data we are better able to visualize and understand the ocean circulation and water mass boundary features related to fish distribution and catch success. This allows ROFFS™ to continue providing our unique, superior and comprehensive fishing oceanographic analysis, even though it is a time intensive and often a customized process. We continue developing state-of-the-science customized tools and techniques in our never tiring attempt to provide more accurate, precise, and reliable analyses.

Please click here to read the FULL ROFFS™ Annual Year End Summary on our website now!

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