Letter to the Editor: Fishy Times 100th Edition


December 09, 2015

Dear Editor:

I congratulate you on the 100th edition of the ROFFS™ Fishy Times. This week came fast. I would like to thank our sponsors who have made the newsletter possible. These include J Byrne Marine, Globalstar, Seakeeper, United Yacht Sales, Gentilini Motors, South Jersey Yacht Sales, Penn Reels, Guy Harvey Outpost, Southport Boats, Old Salt Fishing, AFTCO and NAVICO. We welcome new advertisers that realize that the information provided in the newsletter goes directly to the eyes and minds of our exclusive and exceptional consumers. Our readers are a select group and often difficult to reach. We will have some new advertisers shortly. Do not hesitate to inquire.

It is our purpose to provide interesting videos, photos, and articles to entertain and educate. From the comments we have received and from the requests for additional free subscriptions (its all free), it appears that you like this format. We will continue our focus on subjects related to water and healthy ecosystems. Naturally we try to emphasize marine fisheries, oceanography, satellite remote sensing, marine industries, and policy. But sometimes we stray when appropriate and fun.

Yes we have had a few bumps in the current when inadvertently including copyrighted material that we thought was of public domain. We strive to protect copyrighted materials as we know the importance since the ROFFS™ Fisheries Oceanographic Analyses are copy protected. We always look forward to receiving letters to the Editor and when appropriate we will publish them. We have not refused one to date, so please send us your notes so we can include them in the Letters to the Editor section.

Thank you and have a healthy, happy and successful holiday season and New Year.

Mitchell A. Roffer, Ph.D.


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