ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 98th Edition: Happy Thanksgiving from ROFFS™ – URGENT Miami Boat Show, Updated Videos/Interesting & Exciting Photos & Tuna for Thanksgiving

NewsletterHeaderDEC2013bWEB NEWS Urgent! Miami Boat Show Needs Your Help! Article Courtesy: | Originally Published: 11/23/2015

We need your help to produce the Miami International Boat Show you want! Please take a quick moment from your day to voice your support to members of the Miami-Dade County Commission and Congress who hold the future of the show in their hands.

We can assure you the boat show will happen in February and we are continuing to move ahead with plans but we need you to share your voice so we can be louder about the need to prevent any politics from blurring what is most important—producing the greatest boat show in the world and supporting the South Florida community!

Misguided opposition to the boat show from the Village of Key Biscayne has reached a boiling point—opposition that is based on mistruths. We have decided enough is enough and want to express just how many people depend on the Miami International Boat Show and how important it is that we move past politics and focus on the facts.
The facts are that the boat show has an exemplary environmental track record, one of the most comprehensive event traffic plans the City has ever seen, and is not costing the State of Florida or Miami-Dade a dime. Instead, it creates nearly $600 million in annual economic activity, supports more than 6,500 jobs and generates more than $30 million in tax revenue, while continuing a beloved 74-year tradition.

Please click here to read more on our website now! Updated Videos on ROFFS™.com – Be Sure to Check Out the “Hot News” Button on the ROFFS™ Homepage Hunting Flying Fish!    Some of the coolest footage I’ve ever seen: mahi mahi vs sea birds vs flying fish. Excerpt from The Hunt on BBC One. Video Courtesy: Jack Murphy Fishing and Photography | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Seal Rides a Whale – Caught on Video!  Watch the funny moment when a cute and crazy seal jumps on to a whale and goes for a ride! This amazing animal video was captured off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico while on a whale watching tour. Video Courtesy: WhaleOfATime | Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Salmon in the Streets!   Salmon running in the Skok Valley…Video Courtesy: Jolene Clement | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Beautiful Pipefishes!  Two beautiful pipefishes in this video! Video Courtesy: Gerd Felix Cremer | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! UPDATED: INTERESTING & EXCITING PHOTOS Above: Happy Thanksgiving from ROFFS™ whether you are eating turkey or tuna or whatever. We are grateful to for your friendship and business. Please click here for more interesting & exciting photos on our website now!!! As Forecasted Two Months Ago: Tuna for Thanksgiving! GREAT CONDITIONS FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR! The relatively large and very productive Gulf Stream eddy has moved southwestward and now is centered over the 1500 fathom depths of Lindenkohl Canyon Carteret and blue 68°F water extends from the Carteret Canyon to the Poor Mans Canyon. Excellent chances for fishing action occur over the Spencer Canyon to Lindenkohl Canyon where tuna (bigeye, albacore and bluefin), mahi, wahoo and white marlin is very likely to happen. Filaments from this eddy feature are pushing inshore over 30-100 fathom depths to the east of the Elephant Trunk and southwards. Another, relatively smaller eddy feature has moved into the 1000 fathom Hudson Canyon suggesting a new source of fish to the Hudson Canyon area. The water temperatures are still within the preferred limits for bigeye tuna and bluefin tuna over many of the 20-40 fathom areas. For a complete ROFFS™ Fishing Oceanographic Analysis please contact ROFFS™ at 800-677-7633 or 321-723-5759 or email at Please click here to read about Tuna for Thanksgiving on our website now!

*** IMPORTANT NOTE*** Navy Mooring Advisory

Notice to Mariners in Gulf of Mexico: We have been asked to pass this on. Please avoid this Navy experiment in this are: 29.281   88.823 29.282   88.686 29.282   88.558 29.351   88.795 29.362   88.683 Each site has a lighted warning buoy.  We would request that they avoid an area of 800 ft (250 m) around the warning buoy. Backlash? Feedback? As always, please send comments & feedback on Fishy Times newsletter content directly to us at

If you do not want to wait for our next Fishy Times newsletter, please visit us in the meantime to get all your fishing news on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, YouTube and on the web.  Safe and successful fishing until next time!


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