ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 80th Edition: Updated Videos/Catch Reports, More on NOAA Buoys & Tracking Seafood from Bait to Plate


ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 80th Edition – Updated Videos/Catch Reports, More on NOAA Buoys & Tracking Seafood from Bait to Plate


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Slow Motion Shark Attack! 

A slow motion look at Mick Fanning’s shark attack situation during the World Surf League final at J-Bay.  Video Courtesy: WSL Big Wave Awards | Facebook
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Pulled Overboard! 

PULLED OVERBOARD: What happens when your rod tip gets wrapped in the middle of fighting a blue marlin and they win. See the full clip from Charles Perry’s film Cockpit Chaos…Video Courtesy: Marlin Magazine | Facebook
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Hammerhead Shark Fin Cam! 

Andy Casagrande captures some incredible 4K footage and gives us a unique point-of-view from a great hammerhead shark’s dorsal fin as it swims along the ocean floor. Video Courtesy: GoPro | YouTube
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Lionfish Invade Sunken Plane in FL Panhandle!

Watch this video shot by Alex Fogg showing a staggering number of lionfish on an airplane wreck off Pensacola. At the 1:27 mark, you will see that Alex has completely filled two lionfish containment units – and he barely made a dent in the population on the reef!  For more info about the lionfish problem and how you can help, check out! And, thanks to Alex Fogg for sharing another amazing video! Video Courtesy: Guy Harvey | Facebook
Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now!

Watch for the Flying Fish! 

Flying fish the size of DRAGONFLYS do their best to stay clear of the Key West charter vessel “Premium Time” as the crew trolls an EPIC weed line in 800 feet of water 17 miles south of the Florida Keys. Video Courtesy: FishMonster | Facebook
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Buoys Set to be Taken Offline East of Cape
Originally Published: July 15, 2015 | By: Chris Bonanno/Florida Today

The imminent removal of a pair of buoys east of Cape Canaveral has locals deeply concerned about the future of hurricane and fishing forecasts.

Both buoys from NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center, Station 41009, 20 nautical miles east of Cape Canaveral, and Station 41010, which is 120 nautical miles east in the Atlantic Ocean, are slated to be taken offline in the spring. The buoys provide a bevy of information on air and water conditions, including wind direction and speed, air and water temperature, wave heights and barometric pressure.

The buoys had been funded primarily by NASA with a small portion of the financial support also being given by the Air Force, according to George Diller, NASA public affairs information specialist.

They were first put into place, he added, with the beginning of the shuttle program and they were used to help crews recover booster rockets from the shuttle, but as the shuttle program has ended, so has the funding from the organization.

“Unfortunately it’s just a casualty of the end of the shuttle program as well because those were just assets,” said Diller.

News of the buoys’ fate was not sitting well with a number of interests along the Space Coast.

Above: The Station 41010 buoy, 120 nautical miles east of Cape Canaveral, is one of two buoys slated to be removed in the spring.(Photo: NOAA)

Please click here to read more on the NOAA Buoys being taken offline offshore of the FL coast on our website now!

Tracking Seafood From Bait to Plate
Originally Published: Monday, March 23, 2015 | By: Michael Conathan

“Is this local?”

This question, posed by consumers in restaurants and food markets across the country, has become a ubiquitous catchphrase. It even served as the subject of the very first sketch on IFC’s uber-hipster comedy series “Portlandia.” The bit focused on a cloying couple so concerned with the premortem welfare of the chicken offered on a bistro’s menu that they ditched dinner to ride out to the farm and check the bird’s paperwork.

The local-food movement has gained steam in recent years, particularly in small, younger-skewing cities such as Portland, Oregon and my hometown of Portland, Maine. But it is spreading across the nation too. As the movement gains supporters, including First Lady Michelle Obama, Americans are more frequently asking about the source and quality of their food. This is a relatively simple question to answer when it comes to farm-raised protein sources such as beef, pork, and the pampered pullet of “Portlandia.” Seafood, however, is an entirely different animal.

Above: The seafood counter in Whole Foods is shown in Hillsboro, Oregon. SOURCE: AP/Rick Bowmer

Please click here to read more on the tracking of seafood from bait to plate on our website now!

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Above: Thanks Matt, Mitch and ROFFS™, We had a great weekend in the S.H.A.R.E King Mackerel Tournament. We caught a nice king (25.20 lbs.) and it put us in 6 place for the SKA points lead.  Again, thanks for your product and expertise.
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