ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 73rd Edition: Updated Videos/Catch Reports, 3000+ Year Tuna Trap Fishery & Swordfish Kills Fisherman Offshore of Hawaii


ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 73rd Edition – Updated Videos/Catch Reports, 3000+ Year Tuna Trap Fishery & Swordfish Kills Fisherman Offshore of Hawaii


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Crazy Yellowfin Tuna Feeding Action!

Check out some crazy Yellowfin Tuna feeding action. This was the scene offshore all of last week…Video Courtesy: Tropic Star Lodge | Facebook
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Black Tip Sharks Nailing Topwater Lures!

STOP what you are doing and watch this epic footage of black tip sharks attacking topwater lures!  Check out the jump at the :24 second mark – these sharks are explosive! Thanks to Blacktip Fishing for sharing the video. Video Courtesy: Guy Harvey | Facebook
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Jump of the Week – Large Blue Marlin Offshore Georgetown, SC 

JUMP OF THE WEEK: This beast of a blue caught off Georgetown, South Carolina was sent in by Stokely and Eric Holder of the Miss Wy, a 53-foot Scarborough Boat Works. Captain is Matt Wilkinson and shot by Lee Prickett. Video Courtesy: Marlin Magazine | Facebook
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International Space Station – Soyuz Docking! 

Take a ride to the International Space Station! Watch this time-lapse video from March 27 showing the Soyuz spacecraft, carrying the #YearInSpace crew, catching up and docking with the orbiting laboratory. Video Courtesy: NASA | Facebook
Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now!

3000+ Year Traditional Tuna Trap Fishery Continues!
Article Courtesy: | Article originally published May 31, 2015

Spanish fishermen in the Strait of Gibraltar have kept alive a 3,000-year-old netting tradition that brings in tuna so tasty, buyers come for it all the way from Japan.

Silence falls as the fishermen on board their orange and blue boats stop calling out to each other and switch their engines off, to examine the surface of the water.

Four divers jump in. Their mission is to alert the boat crews when the 200-kilo (440-pound) bluefin tuna swim into the nets.

The fishermen wait to trap their prey in an “almadraba”, a system of nets stretched across the water off a beach in Zahara de los Atunes, on the southern tip of Spain.

The tiny resort is named after the tuna that have been caught here in this stretch of water since the Phoenicians ruled the Mediterranean from around 1200 BC.

The tradition survives, despite the threat from overfishing by industrial trawlers.

Each year, bluefin tuna swim through the strait from the bitter cold of the Atlantic into the warmer Mediterranean to lay their eggs.

Fishermen lay the almadraba to create a submarine system of chambers that trap the biggest of the migrant fish.

At last a diver pulls at the rope and cries out: “Haul it up!”

Above: Fishermen haul out tuna during the “Almadraba” (fishing of the tuna) in Barbate, southern Spain.  Photo Courtesy: AFP

Please click here to read more on this 3000+ Year Traditional Tuna Trap Fishery on our website now!

Swordfish Kills Fisherman who was Trying to Catch it in Hawaii
Article Courtesy: CNN – By Andreas Preuss and Tony Marco | Originally Published June 1, 2015

A boat captain is dead after being speared by a swordfish in Hawaii.

Randy Llanes, 47, was killed Friday while trying to catch the swordfish with a spear gun, according to the Hawaii Police Department.

Llanes, who runs a deep sea fishing charter, jumped in the water at Honokohau Harbor on the Big Island after spotting the broadbill swordfish.

After being hit with the spear that Llanes fired off, the fish “thrashed about, leaving a puncture wound to his upper chest,” said Lt. William Souther.

Another official, acting Sgt. David Matsushima of the Kona Patrol, told CNN affiliate KHON that “the fish got wrapped around a mooring anchor, came back and swam at him.”

Emergency crews attempted CPR, but Llanes died at a hospital from trauma caused by a puncture wound from the swordfish.

The fish was about 6 feet long, half of which was its bill, and weighed about 40 pounds.

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Above: ROFFS™ Junior Angler Stars of the week: Junior Anglers from the Florida Keys with Scott Anderson on Hot Spur.
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