Islamorada Mini Lobster 2014 Stacked – The Most Lobster Ever Caught on Film

If you have ever been lobstering before, then this video is going to give you goosebumps…(And make sure to stick around at least until the diver pops his head up out of the water at the 2:30 mark or so).

This video might get a slow start, but packs one heck of a lobster punch.And if you aren’t an avid lobster hunter, then here is why this lobster video is so amazing.

Usually when lobstering in the Florida Keys, you find lobster that are trying to protect themselves behind or under structure like rocks, coral, sunken ships, etc.

And usually they aren’t in packs of 100 either…

But as you will see in this video, the lobster are so thick in this area, that they ran out of places to hide.

They are just sitting on the sandy bed waiting to get plucked!

According to the video’s owner, this was in Islamorada, Florida during the 2014 Lobster Mini-Season – Lobster Honey Hole = Salt Strong.

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