ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 52nd Edition: More Updated Videos, Hammerhead Caught by Kayak Fishermen, Poveromo Seminars & NJ Waters Warming

ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 52nd Edition – More Updated Videos, Hammerhead Caught by Kayak Fishermen, Poveromo Seminars & NJ Waters Warming NEWS More Updated Videos on ROFFS™.com – Be Sure to Check Out the “Hot News” Button on the ROFFS™ Homepage Above: This is Mark Trahan cleaning redfish at CoCo Marina Inc. Do you think you can clean a bull red this fast? Imagine how many reds you would have to catch to practice to get this good! Video Courtesy of Louisiana Fishing Blog | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Above: This is how they fish piranhas in Brazil! Video courtesy of Being Latino | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Above: Now this is what I call fresh seafood on your plate. Let’s have more Asian cuisine tonight! Video courtesy of Robert Lee Woods Jr | Facebook Please click HERE to watch the video on our website now! Above: NEW PENDING WORLD RECORD. This black fish or tog was caught earlier this week on the “Fish Bound” by Kenneth Westerfeld with Captain Kain Bounds and mate Kevin Twilly. Was just official weighed at Sunset Marina in Ocean City, MD and it came in at 28.8 lbs. If confirmed it will be the new world record. Photo courtesy of Maryland Hunters | Facebook. 2015 George Poveromo Seminar Dates Please click the link below to view all of the dates/locations for 2015. Call 800-448-7360 or register on line. Come see Dr. Roffer in Boston, Port St. Lucie & Myrtle Beach!The seminars will be exciting days of saltwater fishing instructions. These events are hosted by George Poveromo, host of World of Saltwater Fishing on NBC, plus Salt Water Sportsman Editors along with leading national and local fishing authorities. The main sponsors this year are Bass Pro Shops and Mako Marine.

Above: 2014 National Seminar Series cast presenting a vast array of fishing information.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view more information on the 2015 Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series on our website now… Hammerhead Shark takes Kayaker on 20km “Sleigh Ride” Article courtesy of Brisbane Times – please click here for original article.

A hammerhead shark dragged a US kayaker up the Atlantic coast for a two-hour “South Florida sleigh ride” that he taped with a head-mounted camera.

Adam Fisk, 22, posted a five-minute clip of his wild ride, titled Lone Man Gets Towed for Miles in Kayak by 11 Foot Hammerhead Shark, on YouTube.

At one point, Fisk dipped the camera into the water and recorded the shark swimming ahead of the kayak.

Fisk, a student at Florida Atlantic University, set out in the kayak to go fishing near Boynton Beach, Florida, on Sunday.

“I threw my bait out and went to reel my other one in so I wouldn’t get tangled, and I just had time to pick up the rod before the other one already got picked up by that hammer,” he wrote on YouTube.

“It must have been sitting right under me and I had no idea.”

Above: A hammerhead shark that dragged a US kayaker up the Florida coast for about 20 kilometers. Photo: YouTube Screen shot. PLEASE CLICK HERE to read more on this “sleigh ride” on our website now… Warmer Waters Offshore of NJ Shake up Shore Fishing Article courtesy of // By James M. O’Neill // January 4, 2015 – please click here for original article.

A dramatic rise in ocean temperature is changing the kinds of fish that swim off New Jersey’s coast — a development that has significant ramifications for the state’s fishing industry and could even alter restaurant menus.

Species that used to be centered off New Jersey, like shad, have shifted north to New England in search of cooler waters. Fish once centered off Virginia, like black sea bass and summer flounder, now swim in abundance off New Jersey.

“We’ve been seeing unprecedented warming in the ocean over the past several decades,” said Malin Pinsky, a marine biologist at Rutgers University who has studied the changes. “Climate change and the warming of ocean waters is not some abstract global problem. We can see the implications right off our shore in New Jersey.”

Temperatures had risen one degree every 14 years off New Jersey since the 1970s. In the past decade, warming has accelerated to one degree every 2½ years, Pinsky said.

“Marine fish are very sensitive to a change in temperature — they can only survive in a narrow range, so they are seeking out cooler waters toward the poles and deeper in the ocean,” he said. “And deeper generally means farther from shore.”

Above:  Malin Pinsky, a marine biologist with Rutgers University, has studied how rising ocean temperatures have affected the commercial and recreational fishing industries off the Jersey Shore. Image courtesy of Patrick Flanagan/Special to the Record. PLEASE CLICK HERE to read more on the warming of the waters offshore of NJ on our website now… UPDATED Catch Reports Section on ROFFS™ Website

Above: Marcy Mock with a nice South FL sailfish caught last week.

Please click HERE to view recent catch reports on our website now…

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