GHO Launches Innovative Worldwide Fishing Tournament App

Mark Ellert, President of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges announced today the launch of the company’s new fishing app, iGHOFISH, created to serve as the record keeper for the company’s new “Fish for the Future” fishing tournament along with tournament and special fishing events at its Guy Harvey Outpost destinations. Using software developed by the Snook and Gamefish Foundation, tournament catches will automatically populate the foundation’s database of over 130 inshore and offshore species.

Running thru 2015, the innovative ‘Fish for the Future’ tournament is open to anglers anywhere in the world, with various divisions and awards for twenty gamefish species. “With the iGHOFISH app we can now actually host a tournament with literally no limit on fishing boundaries, and in the process populate the foundations’ database with valuable catch data,’ noted Ellert. “The iGHOFISH app is a perfect reflection of our Outpost brand focus on convergence of watersport recreation and marine science. It’s ‘must have’ gear in the tackle box of every Guy Harvey Outpost angler.”

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Created initially by the Snook and Gamefish Foundation (SGF) as a snook species data collection process, their Angler Action program has expanded dramatically with its intuitive user-friendly format and ease of use.  “Our fishery database now includes over 30,000 catches,” notes Brett Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the SGF. “We’re excited to have Guy Harvey Outpost help us expand our reach with recreational anglers, especially those committed to data-driven fishery management practices and policies.”

“This tournament and our iGHOFISH app are a way of making citizen science just as much fun as fishing,” commented Cliff Jensen, Director of Fishing Programs for Guy Harvey Outpost. “Not all of us who love to fish have a PhD like Guy Harvey, but with this iGHOFISH app every angler can make a difference by collecting data that helps put those PhD’s to work. That sounds like fun, maybe not for the scientists but certainly for the rest of us.”

There is no cost to enter the Guy Harvey Outpost “Fish for the Future” fishing tournament.  The iGHOFISH app is free, and will be available for iOS and Android phones starting November 15th.

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