Bisbee's Cabo Relief Effort Update


Hello all, We want to give you an update on the Cabo situation and of course where we stand as of now on the upcoming tournaments. For those of you with emails and/or phone calls into Tricia and me, I apologize if we haven’t replied but weare fielding literally hundreds of emails and calls each hour. This e-blast will answer a lot of the questions, and if not, we’ll get to the others as quickly as we can. We did get one of our team down there late Thursday, he’s been filling us in on the situation and helping where ever he can. We have two more arriving Wednesday morning including my dad who’s been through this several times before… albeit not this badly unfortunately. I don’t have to tell you that this one wasn’t like the previous hurricanes that have rolled through Cabo. It was a monster, but progress is being made much faster than the original reports. Yesterday they did get some power restored to several areas of town, our guy is staying at the Wyndham and woke up to running water and electricity. The last day or two has been good for the military and police bringing security back to the various communities. There are thousands of troops all over Los Cabos. Many of the gas stations are open, and have fuel. There are some of the stores and pharmacies open now, with more opening each day. We should be receiving an email from Darren Carey at IGY Marina any time now, and we will push out to you the moment we get it. Scotty Nesbitt from No Worry’s drove from Cabo to San Diego this week. He says that the many rivers across the road are only passable in 4X4’s. So if any of you down there are planning to drive north, We would recommend waiting a few days for the water to go down. He didn’t have a problem with fuel along the way, and he passed hundreds of big rigs heading south fully loaded with supplies which have been getting through since Thursday. TOURNAMENT: As of now, we are not making any changes to our original tournament plans. I say “as of now”, because we just don’t have enough information to make any educated decisions on what direction of change we might take (if so). Please stand by, and as dad and the others get down there to asses everything first hand we’ll let you know. The worst thing we can do for the community of Los Cabos is cancel events, which would deprive them in their most vulnerable time from the economic impact of them as the residents work to rebuild their lives. No matter what evolves over the next week, rest assured we will be doing something there in October! To those of you who have donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund, we THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! The Club Dust Team will be down there this week, and they will begin their work the minute they arrive. We also have used some of the funds to help WavesForWater ( who successfully flew into Cabo yesterday with 300 portable water filter systems to get distributed throughout the area. Just one of these systems can produce enough water for 100 people every 24 hours. That’s a reach of fresh water being accessible to potentially 30,000 people. They are scheduling an additional flight with even more of these systems for Wednesday, so a huge thank you goes out to this organization. They’re awesome! That’s it for now. Again, we really want to thank those of you who donated to the Relief Fund, and want to thank all of you for keeping Cabo in your prayers. Most sincerely, Wayne Bisbee


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