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ROFFS™ Hudson Canyon to Baltimore Canyon to Norfolk Canyon area analyses – August 11, 2014 (photo above).

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Successful tournament fishing takes organization, planning, making the right decisions, and having good luck.  ROFFS will help your planning and execution of the fishing strategy that will increase your chances for hooking that big fish. At the very least our analyses allows you to have the optimum strategy for locating tournament quality fish as the oceanographic conditions change and to help select your fishing days.  As our recent winners at the Ocean City White Marlin Open were successful using the ROFFS fishing forecasting analyses, we know we will help put you on the fish. You do not have to use us to catch fish and win, but our clients have won 134 categories in the last 11 Mid-Atlantic 500  tournaments and this does not include the daily winners and other special money categories. We believe that our information provides the extra margin that helps you catch more fish. During last week’s Ocean City White Marlin Open our clients won eight major categories including the 1st Place White Marlin and 1st Place Top Angler. Already in 2014 our clients have won 256 major categories in 56 tournament and one state record (Texas blue marlin – 972.7 lbs.). Over the last 23 years and this year our clients have won 6591 major tournament categories.  ROFFS™ would like to help you have a successful tournament by using our Fishing Oceanographic Analyses every day.

We are studying the motion of the water from the Atlantis Canyon to Cape Hatteras. We are particularly watching the conditions from the Hudson Canyon to the Norfolk Canyon, especially between the Washington Canyon and the Wilmington Canyon where the blue water from the Gulf Stream eddy is controlling where the trolling fishing action is happening now.

During the MA $500,000 in the past, the most successful anglers ordered and used two different  analyses (Hudson Canyon to Baltimore Canyon and Wilmington Canyon to Norfolk Canyon) every day. Those scheduling two areas will be receiving a large area regional analysis on Sunday and others days when conditions allow and when appropriate. Like last year will combine the three ocean color satellites (Terra, Aqua, Suomi NPP) with the satellite data from ten satellites with infrared (sea surface temperature) sensors along with other information to provide the most comprehensive useful information on the fisheries oceanographic conditions as possible.


 To facilitate receiving the analyses we would like for you to schedule your analyses as early as possible to avoid any complications. It is best to order your fishing forecasting analyses now and avoid the last minute rush. To pre-order your analyses please call us, send an email or fax note. We hope you order in advance. Later this week you will be busy and we want to make sure that we will provide you with the best possible service.  If you will not have your own computer, we can make arrangements to send your analyses to another location where it is easy to gather.

Please help us help you.  If you wait until the last minute to order, it is possible that you will forget and miss our service. You know how hectic things become during tournaments. Perhaps you can call us today with your plans and avoid the end of the week rush. We know you don’t know which days you are fishing. But most serious tournament anglers order two  analyses for every day of the tournament. When they are finished their fishing schedule,  they just call to cancel. Also during the tournament to call us from offshore between 10:30 a.m. and noon to receive your free verbal update. Your locations and catches are kept private.


Email remains the best way to receive your analyses. However, if you still need to receive a hard copy via fax you will have to receive it yourself from one of the surrounding fax machines at the Canyon Club or South Jersey Marina. We will not deliver the analyses this year again last year as just about everyone received their analyses via email. We can fax or email to other marinas as well, but for security purposes you will have to be at their respective machines before we will transmit our analyses. We do not want someone else to take your analysis!

There is a great advantage of receiving your analyses by email in terms of timely delivery, special products, and late night analyses. If we have to provide analyses after 10 P.M., we will NOT send faxes.  Also if you do not receive your analyses by 8:00 p.m., each day please call our office. We close at 9:00 p.m. If all else fails you can go to our ROFFS.COM website and download the analysis from there. If you have already signed up for this tournament, there is no need to confirm. Remember we often send extra products such as ocean color imagery and Quick-time movies of the ocean to those who will be receiving email.

Please help us help you, so please call us or send an email so we can schedule your analyses before the weekend rush.

ROFFS™ wants you to benefit from our work, knowledge and experience in using satellites and other oceanographic data for helping people find concentrations of feeding fish faster.

Our most successful clients continue to realize that while there are other sources of satellite data, that ROFFS™ provides a comprehensive analysis which is much more useful and valuable than simple satellite imagery. They also realize that we receive more satellite, other oceanographic data, and fishing reports than what is publicly available and that we use time tested and field proven methodology to derive our fishing forecasting analyses. We offer service, expert interpretation, experience and fishing information network.

When you consider all the costs associated with fishing, especially the costs of participating in tournaments, we often do not understand why some clients try to replace our knowledge and experience with an inexpensive substitutes like free satellite imagery or ocean models from the internet or other services that derive their satellite data free from the internet and from the rumor mills. Is it because your are trying to save a few dollars?  For us it is like investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement plans or other businesses without checking multiple sources of investment analyses provided by trained and experienced professionals. As a successful business person I am sure that you are comprehensive in your research when making your business decisions. Why not do the same with your fishing investments?

By the time you read about it in blogs or rumor mills, the information is usually old, incomplete, and often incorrect. We often hear the expression, by the time you read about it in blogs and in the newspapers, the bite is over. Getting the most comprehensive information that we provide each day allows you to anticipate the subtle changes in the ocean circulation that often have a substantial effect the location of feeding concentrations of fish. We are the leading professionals in the world on forecasting the location of feeding concentrations of fish on a daily basis. Our record is well established over many years of success.

Safe and Successful Fishing.

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