We have completed our study of the ocean conditions before and after the hurricane Arthur and have found very little change. Yes there has been some decreases in sea surface temperature particularly along the coast (3°-4°F) from coastal upwelling and offshore (2°-3°F) from wind mixing. Nothing that would drive the fish far from your coasts. But the ocean features that where well formed – well defined with relatively strong temperature gradients are still there. The Gulf Stream eddy features appear unaffected by the wind and currents. We anticipate an improvement in the fishing action in several areas over the next few days due to eddy rotational dynamics. Some areas the Gulf Stream is moving away from the coast which is unfavorable. Coastal waters off New England including Cape Cod area remain cool slowing the progress of coastal migratory fish coming to the near-shore areas. Canyon fishing should be excellent with all the new Gulf Stream water.

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