Twenty Second Edition of ROFFS™ Fishy Times – Father’s Day, Updated Catch Reports/Tournament Winners & NOAA National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy

ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter 22nd Edition: Father’s Day, Updated Catch Reports/Tournament Winners & NOAA National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy – Public Town Halls


Please Remember to Place Your Orders Early for the Upcoming Father’s Day Weekend as we are sure to be busy!

We are sure to be busy this week in anticipation of Father’s Day weekend!  Please remember to call the office NOW (800.677.7633) and place your orders EARLY. Please click HERE to place your orders for this weekend on our website…

NOAA National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy – Public Town Halls

NOAA Fisheries, the federal agency responsible for the stewardship of our ocean and coastal resources, is asking for your help in developing an Agency-wide saltwater recreational fisheries policy. We are creating this policy to institutionalize within NOAA the key tenets of recreational fishing. The policy will be a thoughtful set of principles to guide agency actions and decisions over the long-term.

How can I share my opinion?

This summer, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on what should be in NOAA Fisheries’ saltwater recreational fisheries policy. There will be a number of ways to add your voice to the conversation.  Please click HERE to read more on how to add your voice on our website…

Updated Catch Reports Section of ROFFS™ Website

Be sure to visit the section titled “Catch Reports” located under the “Insights” tab on our ROFFS™ website that will feature current catch reports from areas such as the Northeastern U.S., Oregon Inlet/North Carolina, South Carolina/Georgia, Jacksonville (FL), the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and the Gulf of Mexico.   We continue to post weekly updates in this category so please check back often.  Please click HERE to view last week’s catch reports…

ROFFS™ Recent Tournament Results

Congratulations to our recent tournament winners!

South Jersey Shark Tournament (NJ): 1st Place Heaviest Shark Overall Captain Tom Jarvis & Curt Geisler (Dumb and Dumber); 2nd Place Heaviest Shark Overall Gerard Petri & Captain Joseph Panico (Change Order); 3rd Place Heaviest Mako Shark Overall Captain Ken Hager (Taylor Jean).

Bohicket Marina Invitational Billfish Tournament (SC): 1st Place Top Billfish Boat & 1st Place Top Lady Angler Captain Dan Woody, David Sykes & Holly McAlhany (Syked Out); 3rd Place Top Billfish Boat Captain Stokely Holder & Matt Wilkinson (Miss WY); 3rd Place Top Lady Angler Captain Russell Corbin & Mikey Zervos (Frayed Knot); 1st Place Top Youth Angler & 2nd Place Top Youth Angler Captain Gary Wyatt, Bennett Wyatt & Thomas Henry Key (Sportsmann).

Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic: 1st Place Catch & Release Daniel Haeuser & Captain Jimmy Crochet (Conundrum); 2nd Place Catch & Release Captain Jeff Shoults (Mollie); 2nd Place Blue Marlin Chris Brown & Andy Ryan (Patience); 3rd Place Catch & Release Rimmer Covington (Cheeseburger); 3rd Place Blue Marlin Johnny Johnson & Captain Myles Colley (Reel Worthless); 3rd Place Tuna Jason Benton & Captain Darrell Keys (Don’t Blink); 3rd Place Wahoo Captain John Dorland & James Calloway (Cotton Patch).

Please click HERE to view the newly updated 2014 winners list on our website…

Fish of the Week – Atlantic Common Thresher Shark

As top predators in the ocean, sharks have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, eyes that can adapt to dim light, lateral line receptors that sense movement in the water, and electroreceptors that can detect prey even in the absence of scent or visual clues. Common thresher sharks are also armed with powerful jaws and rows of blade-like teeth that are replaced often, so they always have a sharp set to inflict a clean bite.

There are three species of thresher sharks: common (Alopias vulpinus), pelagic (A. pelagicus), and bigeye (A. superciliosus). Pelagic and common threshers are caught and sold in the United States, but fishermen are prohibited from harvesting bigeye threshers in the Atlantic due to their low population levels.

Please click HERE to read more on the Atlantic Common Thresher Shark on our website…

If you do not want to wait for our next Fishy Times newsletter, please visit us in the meantime to get all your fishing news on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on the web.  Safe and successful fishing until next time!

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