Successful tournament fishing does not happen by accident as it takes organization, a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, focused effort,  making the right decisions, and having good luck.  ROFFS™ will help your planning and execution of the fishing strategy that will increase your chances for hooking that big fish. At the very least our analyses allows you to have the optimum strategy for locating tournament quality fish, as well as, choosing your fishing days as the oceanographic conditions change.

ROFFS™ provides comprehensive fishing forecasting analyses not simple colorized satellite images or ocean models from the internet. The 474 tournament winners  who used ROFFS™ during their winning efforts in 2013 and the 6641 winners over the last 24 years are evidence that we will help you find the fish. You do not have to use us to catch fish and win, but our clients have won most of major categories in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament these last few years. These and other tournament wins helped our clients win 1st Place Overall in the North Carolina Governor’s Cup in 2013 (again) and in many other categories over the last several years. Our clients have won the Big Rock many times in recent years. Already in 2014 our clients have won 49 categories in 13 major tournaments.

We would like to help you have a successful tournament by using our ROFFS™ Fishing Oceanographic Analyses every day. The clients who have been catching the most fish and winning the most use our service everyday and receive both areas (Ocracoke to Cape Fear AND Hatteras Point to the Big Rock) both before and during the tournament. It is best to order your fishing forecasting analyses today and avoid the last minute rush later this week.  We continue to monitor the Gulf Stream circulation along with the associated marlin catches and are ready to provide our best interpretations of the  ocean conditions for finding concentrations of feeding fish. Let ROFFS™ be part of your fishing team’s strategy.


To facilitate receiving the analyses we would like for you to schedule your analyses as early as possible to avoid any complications. To pre-order your analyses please call us, send an email, or fax our attached note. We hope you order in advance.  Most clients have already been ordering both of ROFFS™ areas, Ocracoke to Cape Fear Offshore and Cape Hatteras Offshore (The Point to Big Rock) for every day during the tournament including non-fishing days to follow the changing conditions. This allows them to plan their fishing strategy for the week.  Later this week you will be busy and we want to make sure that we will provide you with the best possible service.

Please help us help you.  If you wait until the last minute to order, it is possible that you will forget and miss our service. You know how hectic your life becomes during tournaments. Perhaps you can call us today with your plans and avoid the end of the week rush. We know you don’t know which days you are fishing. But most serious tournament anglers order two  analyses for every day of the tournament. When they are finished their fishing schedule,  they just call to cancel. Also during the tournament to call us from offshore between 10:30 a.m. and noon to receive your free verbal update. Your locations and catches are kept private.


We can email (best method) or fax your analyses to your home/condo or the marina. For security purposes you will have to be at the marina fax machines before we will transmit. We do not want someone else to receive your analysis!  Also please have a backup plan if we have to send the analyses between 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM. During the tournament if you have not received your analyses by 8:00 p.m. each day, please call our office to inform us. Do not rely on email for this. If you have already signed up for this tournament, there is no need to confirm. Of course we will be open Sunday (starting at 3:00 PM) for this tournament.

Safe and Successful Fishing!


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