We have received many first hand reports of the problems associated with the shallow bottom conditions under the Oregon Inlet bridge. Apparently the conditions (lack of clearance) are so bad that they are preventing fishing boats from going offshore from there. Reports on April 21, 2014 indicate that the inlet is too shallow to allow the dredge vessel  access to the main channel (http://wunc.org/post/oregon-inlet-too-shallow-dredge). Presently  some hope for a very strong southwest wind to drive the sand out the inlet. Administratively the management of the inlet is with the Department of Interior, but some want this responsibility transferred to the state of North Carolina (http://hamptonroads.com/2014/04/oregon-inlet-shoaling-problem-deepens), but this may not be the answer to the filling issue as dredging may not be the permanent solution. Everyone involved with fishing in this area including Captain Billy Maxwell is very troubled about this. Captain Maxwell  says that a permanent improved engineering solutions are needed that they can’t rely on the whims of funding from the federal and state, as well as, county agencies. This is hurting the local economy. The inlet has been recently closed for months at a time. Commercial fishermen have had to take their catches to Virginia which is hardship for them and a financial loss in taxes and employment for North Carolina. For a more complete consideration of this see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eiL2WQ18uY


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