Macris Industries launches improved LED lines for 2014


Macris Industries Inc (MI), a design and manufacturing company in Mystic, CT, announces its improved line of marine LED luminaires for 2014.  These new luminaires represent a number of enhancements to the MIU and AL Series which debuted in January of 2013.

The new LED luminaires continue MI’s trend of bringing cutting-edge technologies to market; the original versions pioneered ultra-thin, unibody design in the marine LED market.  The new versions, dubbed V2 for version two, are brighter, thinner, and even tougher than their predecessors.

The MIU15 V2 and MIU30 V2 are Macris’ underwater variant.  Roughly 7 and 13 inches in length respectively, they boast an amazing 0.292-inch maximum thickness, an improvement over last year’s 0.375-inch models.  Constructed of a modern polycarbonate composite sandwich, these extremely tough lights are fully submersible up to 100 feet.  Macris also offers special deepwater versions pressure tested to 2000 PSI.  At the Miami International Boat Show in February, MI plans to introduce a V2 of the MIU60, a 25-inch underwater unit, and a new MIU120, an incredible 49-inch version. The MIU Series applications include recreational boats, yachts, ships, docks, pools, search and rescue, and underwater research.

“We really wanted to take time during the latter part of 2013 and circle back on our original design, “ says Harrison Macris, President of MI.  “Our V1 lights were so popular, we knew we were onto something.  What it really came down to was making an even better product for our customers, so we spent about 4 months dissecting our original version and improving every aspect.” To date, with hundreds of installations in the field, MI has yet to have a single warranty claim!

This roll-out also includes improvements to its original AL Series, a family of fully waterproof utility lights used for general task, engine room, and area lighting.  AL Series LED arrays boast the same ultra thin design as the MIU Series, at useful lumen levels for above-water applications.

“We build both the MIU and AL series using the same method, meaning whether above or below the waterline, we offer the thinnest, brightest options for any application.  Due to their fully encapsulated nature, they are impact and vibration proof, and extremely robust.  We are really excited about this launch,” notes Macris.

Dean Travis Clarke, industry veteran and newly-appointed VP of Sales and Marketing, is helping to usher in the new product line.  “Macris luminaires qualify as the best, most advanced and toughest on the market. Qualities that make MI products the most desirable in the world include: superior brightness, a 120-degree beam angle (compared to an industry average 30 to 40 degrees), greater penetration, and they’re thin and tough enough to mount on a running surface without disrupting hydrodynamics. Installation requires no large hole in your hull and you can choose MI’s proprietary colors. MI durability testing included firing six rounds from a 12-gauge shotgun into an MIU15 and it remained lit and waterproof! Add to that the significant cost differential and there’s really no reason why anyone wanting underwater lighting would choose anything else!”

Based on their first year on the market and the updates made to the product, 2014 is already looking to be a bright year for Macris Industries.

Macris Industries, an American company based in Mystic, Connecticut, designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology products for harsh environments. MI is the leading manufacturer of ultrathin, waterproof, impact-and pressure-resistant, underwater LED arrays, represented by the MIU Series. MI continues its commitment to developing and manufacturing advanced technologies in the USA. Its products primarily serve the recreational and commercial marine, medical, law enforcement and military sectors. Contact Macris Industries at 617 249 3446 or at
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