Get Ready for Tuna Action from Virginia to New Jersey

We hope you are getting ready for tuna action from Virginia to New Jersey. The infrared satellite imagery from NASA and NOAA satellites from over the weekend (March 09-10, 2014) show some interesting features as a substantial meander of the Gulf Stream has moved northward just east of the Norfolk Canyon to Lindenkohl Canyon area with blue water with sea surface temperatures (SST) of 61°F-63°F. Bluefin and bigeye tuna and swordfish, along with mako sharks like these waters and we believe that these fish are in these water masses.


The Gulf Stream east of North Carolina to Maryland has 74-75°F. While clouds obscured our view south of Nova Scotia, note the relatively large Gulf Stream eddy south of Georges Bank with SST of 63°F-65°F. Also note the strong sst gradient east of North Carolina. This gradient along with a Gulf Stream filament  east of the North Carolina – Virginia border is associated with the excellent bluefin tuna fishing action that has been happening the last few days.

The bottom line is you should be thinking about getting your boat ready for an early spring fishing season.

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