First Edition of the Fishy Times


Welcome to the first edition of The ROFFS™ Fishy Times. We hope you will enjoy hearing from us on a regular basis with items of interest and useful, if not always practical, information. We will be drawing from a variety of sources, and welcome any input or commentary you may wish to provide. We are starting to draw advertisers from a variety of businesses and will be asking them to provide tips, tricks, and general information useful to our community. Although they are obviously looking to attract business, this will not be an “advertorial” opportunity,  rather a platform for ideas and information.

Along with content from advertisers and items of interest we find in our meanderings, we are compiling subject matter on a wide variety of interests ranging from fishing, boating, and recreational information to ocean science and environmental issues. Articles will be published via the Fishy News and will then be archived on our website, available 24/7.

Keep an eye on your in box for the next edition of  The ROFFS™ Fishy Times. The 2013 Year in Review is being hatched in Dr. Roffer’s laboratory as we speak. Although rarely seen by human eyes, the laboratory has been described as a  dark place with a eerie light glowing from multiple computer monitors attended by a shadowy figure from whom occasional mutterings and random mumblings emit. The laboratory is equipped with a secret escape hatch so the Doctor can flee to his kayak in pursuit of the elusive sailfish, tarpon, kingfish, shark, snook, or redfish. There have been unsubstantiated rumors that the Doctor has added a Stand Up Paddle Board to the ROFFS™ fleet. Although we can not verify these rumors, we have received confirmed reports that several well known surfers in the Melbourne area have set their managers and agents on a desperate search for alternate living options rather than deal with the specter of the Doctor cruising their lineup with his science based fishing. We will keep our readers informed of any breaking news on this story.


Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish.

-Mark Twain

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