Regional View The Night Before the 2013 Ocean City White Marlin Open

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We provided this large area view of the conditions from Atlantis Canyon to Cape Hatteras for our clients who had ordered two areas along with our unlimited plan clients. We provide these extra analyses from time to time during the course of the year. This is not our standard analysis area as we provide much more detailed and higher resolution data and written detailed analysis in our normal everyday analyses.  This is a special generic regional overview.

We were able to see this area fairly clearly over the last 24 hours. The estimated sea surface temperature (sst) of the Gulf Stream is 84.0°F and is directed northeastward at a relatively low angle from Cape Hatteras. This has been the situation all summer with no meanders to bring blue water to the canyon areas. There are three clockwise rotating eddy features. One is south of Block Canyon (near 71°00’W & 39°15’N) and one is located southeast of the Norfolk Canyon centered near 74°15’W & 36°45’N. Both of these are Gulf Stream eddy features derived from the Gulf Stream. The third eddy formed last week and is more irregularly shaped that the others and is presently centered east of the Washington Canyon (near 73°30’W & 37°20-25’N).

All three eddy features are pulling Gulf Stream water toward them and the eddy southeast of Norfolk Canyon is the same eddy that was east of the Washington Canyon two weeks ago. This eddy has recently pulled in a filament of Gulf Stream water toward the Cigar area off Virginia Beach and excellent fishing with marlin, tuna (yellowfin and bigeye) and mahi has been associated with this water. The rotation of this eddy is pulling the bluer water away from the Norfolk Canyon and it remains to be seen if the good fishing action that has been happening over the Norfolk Canyon will continue. The irregularly shaped eddy between the Poor Mans Canyon and Washington Canyon  (1200 fathoms) seems to be degenerating the last few days, but it continues to pull new Gulf Stream water (80.5°F) over the 1500 fathom depths of the Washington Canyon in a northwestward direction. This is the same Gulf Stream water that was associated with the very good fishing action northeast of the Cigar and  it is logical to believe that this pool holds additional marlin, tuna and mahi. The rotation of this eddy appears to be helping maintain the water over the Washington Canyon which has been productive for bigeye tuna for the last two – three weeks. The water in the Washington Canyon was pulled there by the eddy that is now southeast of the Norfolk Canyon. In recent days there has been an increased fishing action with yellowfin tuna and marlin over the Washington Canyon area.

The blended blue-green water being pulled north-northeastward from the Washington Canyon has not been productive over the 500 fathom depths of the Washington Canyon and Poor Mans Canyon surprisingly as for a few days this 78.5°F-79.5°F water had some pools of Gulf Stream water mix with it.  The water over the Baltimore Canyon is being pulled southeastward by the overall clockwise circulation created by the eddy that was over the 1200 fathoms of Poor Mans Canyon earlier this week, but now moving southward. This motion is also pulling some of the water from the Wilmington Canyon to the Baltimore Canyon and it remains to be seen if some of the yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna that have been providing good action recently over the Wilmington Canyon will move to the Baltimore Canyon area.

Some of the blue water from the eddy south of Block Canyon is over the mouth of the Hudson Canyon. This water is moving southward, but there is tuna (yellowfin and bigeye) along with marlin and mahi in this water. Fishing action over the Hudson Canyon has been improving the last few days. A blend of this blue water that is mostly blue-green colored extends from the Hudson Canyon to the Lindenkohl Canyon and while good consistent fishing action has not happened this summer, there are some indications that the conditions are improving as the water and fish are moving from the offshore waters to the Carteret Canyon and Lindenkohl Canyon.

Overall more marlin have been seen over the Washington Canyon to Norfolk Canyon and south compared with the canyons north. There have been marlin, tuna, wahoo and mahi caught over the last few days in 40-50 fathom depths from the Norfolk Canyon to the Poor Mans Canyon, so one does not have to travel great distances to improve one’s changes for good fishing action.

Please remember to call via satellite phone each day while offshore between 10:30 AM until Noon. All information remains confidential as is our usual practice.

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