We are providing you with this summary of the conditions that have existed over the Bahamas for the period of April 01-25, 2011 in the form of a Quicktime™ movie. The attached movie loop is composed of 26 daily satellite images (infrared for sea surface temperature). We want you to note that north of Haiti and the Dominican Republic that the majority of the blue marlin water (warmer- deeper orange) has been moving northward. East of San Salvador there is a clockwise rotating eddy that is pulling some of this water to the San Salvador area. During March most of this water was moving northward. However, in the past two weeks the San Salvador eddy (San Sal Eddy) has drifted westward and some of the blue marlin water has been pulled westward to Cat Island and toward Exuma Sound. Some of this water has moved between Eleuthera and Cat Island, but has not moved to the northern parts of Eleuthera.

North of the San Sal eddy and east of Abaco there are two different circulations where one eddy (farthest east) is turning in a clockwise direction, pulling the blue marlin water northward, but eastward, yet another (west) is rotating in a counter-clockwise direction pulling the water toward Abaco. Over the years we have noted that the best marlin fishing off Abaco the blue water from Crooked Island and Mayaguana moves like a river directly to Eleuthera and Abaco. This is not the situation now. However, some blended blue marlin water occurs east of Abaco and we anticipate this is where the best chances for marlin occur. Note that for the past two weeks that there has been abnormally good blue marlin fishing action north of Matanilla Shoal (by Walkers Cay). Some of the Gulf Stream water associated with this fishing action has been moving in a southeastward direction by Abaco for the past several weeks.

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