New York Bight West

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    New New York Bight West
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Areas of Interest: Cholera Bank, Broadcast, Zeeliner, Welcott, Hylton Castle, Oregon, Lilian, Mud Hole, Irma C, Catamount, Happy Days, Yankee, Gunboat, Mako Hotel, Linda, Rockpiles, Virginia, Coimbra, Kranston Schooner, Huron, Unexploded Ordnance, Glory Hole, Resor, Princess, Chicken Canyon, Bidevind, Bacardi, Texas Tower, Edward Cole, Isabel Wiley, Carolina, Smurf, Herb Parker, Haskell, Triple Wrecks, U-869, Winneconne, Bombs, Unexploded Torpedo, Elbow, 100 Square, 500 Fathom Pt, The Letters, Hudson Canyon, Hook, Rabbit Ears, Toms Canyon Common Inlets: Barnegat Inlet (NJ), Belmar, Cape May (NJ), Fire Island (NY), Freeport (NY), Great Egg Inlet, Jones Inlet (NY), Manasquan Inlet, Montauk (NY), New York Harbor, Point Pleasant (NJ), Rockaway (NY), Sandy Hook (NJ), Shark River, Townsend Inlet  
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