Nice Catch! ROFFS™ Client Frank Perna this past weekend, offshore Canyons out of Indian River, DE. “Yesterday was a great day on the water for Tom and I thanks to ROFFS™ report and some other recommendations from my mate Jim Bunting as well as seeing birds and whales. . Nevertheless we had over 50 bites from 7:22 AM to 1:30 PM with 6 lines …. Once there we saw small birds working the water and ran into whales as well. Bites were every 5-15 minutes constant bites with 2-4 rods bent over with water temps of 75.5-76 degrees. The bites were YFT, bigeye, and mahi mixed in . Tuna were jumping out of the water . We would have caught more if we had more people but I was driving and I had one guest. Plus the mate. There was not that many boats as it seems that many went to other areas”,……… guess they did not have the great ROFFS™ Analysis. Thank you.